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  • Lacy Bowen - Great Buy

    I bought this for my son's 8th birthday. He loves it. The assembly wasn't too terrible however, the instructions were difficult to read and comprehend. I am pretty good at putting things together so I managed but if you're not, you will have a hard time. The bike is well built and looks great.

  • L. Nguyen - Good concept, Horrible screen protection.

    I really wanted to like this product, however it definitely made my phone much heavier and chunkier. Not only that but I purchased this case in white and there's something about this material that easily attracts dirt which could make the case look very unappealing over time. Like I said, I really wanted to like this case because it's the only one that has the best selfie lighting so I continued to use it. A couple of days later, I dropped my phone and the screen cracked! It did not provide the protection as mentioned on the items description. I will be returning this item. I don't think the selfie lighting is worth the $$$ to replace my phone's screen.

  • Yvonne - very disappointing, returned it

    Not at all what I wanted. It didn't allow for input from me into checking account, just pick up from bank -- which doesn't allow for knowing what you have in bank -- or how you want the money you've spent distributed across accounts. I returned it. I'm still looking for a resource that will do what I want it to.

  • Cristy J. Trennepohl - Love.

    Love these products. I have fine hair and this oil does not weight it down, and also lots of allergies to perfumes and dyes. I have not had any problems with either with this product.

  • Mrs. Stntn - Not happy

    This cream did not do what it was supposed to do, but I didn't want to mess with mailing it back for full refund. I just will not order any more! I was hoping it helped with my knee pain but didn't do anything. I am going to try something else.

  • Andy Robbins - Excellent coffee table book

    As people reading these reviews are probably already aware, "Now I Know" started out, and still is, a popular daily email newsletter. The premise is that you sign up for the email newsletter and in return Dan sends you a daily email with true, well-researched, amazing and entertaining-as-hell anecdotes. For free. Every day. The book is a collection of these same types of stories. Though the book isn't free, it won't disappoint. I keep my copy of this book out on my coffee table and its an awesome conversation starter. (Would also be great to have on-hand for a little, ahem, distraction, in the loo). Great book; Highly recommend.

  • Ayesha - GREAT Treadmill!

    Pros: Great treadmill! I did a lot of research before deciding on the Sole F80 and I am not disappointed at all. The treadmill is sturdy, love the speakers, the built in fans, and the iPod/iPhone integration. I just canceled my gym membership and I am not displeased. This treadmill is better than the ones at my gym.