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El mal de Parkinson - El mal de parkinson, Home Page Escrito y mantenido voluntariamente por una vicima con este mal!

  • http://www.maldeparkinson.org/E.C.P._DBS_.html E.C.P. - (DBS) - Enpeoraba dia a dia..opte por la ultima ezperansa ofrecida: La E.C.T. y pude al fin ver mi rostro en el espejo!
  • http://www.maldeparkinson.org/Publicacion.html publicaciones - una amiga que le escuchara, le aconsejara y le motivara para que esperemos juntos el dia que encontraran la cura para el Parkinson.

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  • Katie D. - Makes drilling a hole easy and dust free.

    This is a very well constructed tool that works great. I was able to drill a hole in seconds! It is easy to assemble, collects all the dust and debris from the drywall, and cleans up easy. I like that I can change the size should I need to. The storage box is also very well made, having fitted slots/holes for each piece. I was lucky enough to receive this in exchange for my honest review.

  • Hannibal - This beautiful magazine is an absolute joy!

    My wife and I love this magazine. It enables us to visit and see so many interesting places and beautiful things in the world which would miss otherwise.

  • John N. Buckalew - Buyer Beware!!!!

    A total disaster after being a dedicated Hallmark Card Studio Deluxe user for years! Program installs easilly; when opening program, you get a greeting that states "loading......" and that where it ends! Their help desk rarely answers; their tech support ask me to eliminate my firewall...to no avail! Run a google search and you will see that this "Loading" screen is a nightmare for all.

  • Michael Schaefer - Great product

    I've used this product for a couple weeks. What an improvement. I would recommend this product and plan on buying more before the price goes up.

  • F. Brown - A godsend!

    I was getting really stressed out about my dog's teeth, which had hard plaque deposits. I've been trying for years to brush his teeth, and he would absolutely refuse. I took a chance on this product, and within a month of daily use, his teeth were white and smooth. Now I use once a day for maintenance. A small bottle that lasts many months. Just squeeze on your index finger to rub on dog's left teeth, and another squeeze for the right teeth. Easy and effective.

  • nancy sevilla - do not purchase

    Horrible book, has so many misspelling and sentences that do not make sense. Too bad i waitedso long to open this book, now i cant return it.