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  • Michael - Consumer Reports was correct. Good stuff.

    I purchased because Consumer Reports loved it, and I agree with them. High quality product with everything you need to wet-sand down scratches, then bring area back to showroom shine with 2-stage polish & cloth. If your scratches are really deep into your clear coat you'll have to fill with more clear (not included) before sanding, which I wasn't brave enough to do. Just be careful not to sand down too far. You won't know you've gone too far until it's too late. Sand conservatively. Instructions included are very good, very clear. Follow them.

  • Still Learning 1951 - It does work somewhat

    I have been using this product for 20 days. Although it has not whitened my teeth as much as I would have liked, it has made them brighter than using regular tooth paste. I would recommend this product for those who want to give their smile a little kick. Too expensive to use every day.

  • Luci L - Excellent product!

    I have tried countless sleep aids, because I rarely am able to fall asleep on my own. I would much rather always use natural products, so when I discovered this and was also able to try it for a promotional price, I was really eager to see if it would work for me. After trying it several times, I can say that it definitely DOES work. When I take these capsules, I feel relaxed and fall asleep easily...gently, and it feels like a natural process-nothing at all like prescription sleeping aids work. There's no strange 'drugged' feeling with these capsules. After taking these, I wake up feeling like I have had a good night's sleep-with NO groggy feeling. As for the appetite suppression, I can't really say, because I take it before going to bed, but I definitely agree with the claims of improving mood and reducing stress. I also sleep through the entire night, which is something I usually never do. I will be repurchasing them again, and I completely recommend these for anyone who has a tough time switching off at night, and wants something that isn't going to leave them feeling dazed and hung-over the next morning.

  • Drama Fan - Deep Sea Facial Peel Gel

    A friend bought this product at a kiosk and gave me a facial peel at my home--ladies it even took off the "peach" fuzz that us older ladies get. Yes, the dead skin was gross, shocking actually, since I just had a professional facial the "week" before and it didn't remove the "peach fuzz". DSFPG did--my face wasn't red, irritated or tender--it was wonderfully soft and with the DSCFP Moisturizer wonderful. Once a week is all you need for this product, I'm a believer!