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Lobb Fields, Caravan, Camping and Touring Park | North Devon| EX33 1HG - Lobb Fields, caravan, camping and touring park in North Devon. If you are looking for natural beauty and the best facilities you're in the right place.

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  • For Realz - Works great, wish I had this years ago!

    It works. I bought this based on the recent positive reviews. The bad reviews were from a couple years ago, so I figured I was safe and I'm very happy with my purchase. I never floss my back teeth because my fingers are so short and fat that it is way too difficult for me to even bother trying. For years I have only brushed and used mouthwash, but I still get cavities in between my back molars. Either that or my previous fillings are wearing away. I feel like I'm spending $300 every 6 months to repair previous fillings or fillings for new cavities. The hygienist that cleaned my teeth last week warned me that my gums were too large and that mine were on their way to gum disease. It was an awakening moment for me so I decided I needed to find a solution. Typical floss is cumbersome and the disposable floss sticks are annoying. The Listerine Access flosser looked better than most flossing options, but considering it is $10 for the stick and $10 for refill packs I would probably spend more than $50 on just that a year. I didn't realize these water flossers were this affordable. It seems like it is cheaper to get this h2o flosser in the long run.

  • Ben H. - Works Great

    I used this product this past weekend in my pelvic area, which was the reasoning behind me purchasing this product. I have somewhat sensitive skin in that area as do most people. From the other reviews some people said it smelt bad and others said there wasn't a bad smell. There is a small odor but nothing to freak out about to where you need to be burning a candle. You must apply it pretty good or it will leave hair behind. While the product was working there was somewhat of a cooling sensation, not a burning one like the nair for women. After I did a small test area I jumped in and covered everything, I mean everything. Then later that night I surprised the lady and she was really excited. The fact this product doesn't burn makes me want to use it in other places. You must follow the instructions, 8 minutes is a long time so take your phone in there to keep your self busy.

  • Jim Louis - Ringo at the Ryman

    I loved it, as I love all his concert DVD's...unfortunately I can't afford tickets to see him live anymore, they have gotten so very expensive!!! I but all his concert DVD's.....I did manage to see him about the first 6 concerts, dating back to the late 80's, he is so wonderful to see in person!!!!!

  • Warren Heeder - Guinness World Records

    Our grandson loved this book of facts. This is a great education for young people and is great for their education

  • Kembly Mendez - Great Infuser!

    I really like this infused bottle. Very easy to use, infused center is large so you can pack it with plenty of stuff. The lid has a latch to keep it closed and the spout is a good size. I like that it holds a large capacity.

  • Queen Rabbit - "no-poo" products you can count on

    Most hairdressers don't know **** about curly hair. Neither the cut, not the right products. Deva does, and I'm so glad I met them by chance. After using the products for a couple weeks, there was a marked difference in my hair that I just love.