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Liver Pancreas Cancer Treatment, Pancreas Removal Florida | Liver Pancreas - Our surgeons are specialize in liver pancreas cancer treatment. Feel free to contact us for pancreas removal treatment in Florida. Dr. Prashant Sukharamwala consistently provided successful treatments for cancer patient.

  • http://www.liverpancreas.org/news NEWS | Liver Pancreas Foregut Surgery - Dr. Sukharamwala joins the BayCare Medical Group and will practice at St. Joseph's Hosital, Tampa. Besides his office location  at  4301 N Habana Ave, Tampa, FL 33607, he will also be reaching out to the patients in Brandon, Riverview, SunCity Center at his Riverview Location at 
  • http://www.liverpancreas.org/about-us/about-prashant-sukharamwala-md About Prashant Sukharamwala MD | Liver Pancreas Foregut Surgery - Dr. Prashant Sukharamwala obtained his general surgery training at The Ohio State University Medical Center and Northeast Ohio Medical University and finished his subspecialty fellowship.
  • http://www.liverpancreas.org/foregut-and-liver-pancreas-disorder Foregut and Liver Pancreas Disorder | Liver Pancreas Foregut Surgery - Liver Surgery Liver Resection Liver Directed Therapies Portal Hypertension Surgery Bloodless Surgery
  • http://www.liverpancreas.org/patient-and-caregiver-education Patient and Caregiver Education | Liver Pancreas Foregut Surgery - surgery-distal-pancreas-pathway.pdf Patient-education-for-Esophagectomy.pub whipple-patient-education.docx patient-educatio-for-Cholecystectomy.pub
  • http://www.liverpancreas.org/cancer-information/liver-resection-surgery Liver Resection Cancer Surgery, Treatment Florida | Liver Pancreas - Liver resection is the surgical removal of part of the liver. Liver Pancreas Foregut Surgery provides complete treatment for liver resection surgery Florida.
  • http://www.liverpancreas.org/cancer-information/portal-hypertension-surgery Portal Hypertension Surgery | Liver Pancreas Foregut Surgery - The liver filters venous blood from abdominal organs. It filters the nurtients absorbed by the intestines. This blood is carried to the liver through a vein called Portal vein. In patients who develop Cirrhosis of liver, the liver becomes more fibrotic and loses the ability to filter the blood, instead obstructs the return of blood to the heart. This condition is called Portal hypertension where blood is backed up in the portal vein.
  • http://www.liverpancreas.org/cancer-information/bile-duct-cancers Bile Duct Cancers Tampa, Florida | Liver Pancreas - Bile Duct Cancer is an uncommon cancer that is most often seen in 50–70 year old adults. Prashant Sukharamwala is an expert doctor of Liver, Pancreas, and Bile duct cancers surgery in Tampa.
  • http://www.liverpancreas.org/cancer-information/esophageal-cancer Esophageal cancer Treatment Florida, Esophageal Prognosis | Liver Pancreas - An esophageal cancer diagnosis is life-changing. Liver Pancreas is provides complete treatment for esophageal cancer in Florida. Contact us for esophageal cancer prognosis.
  • http://www.liverpancreas.org/cancer-information/zenker-diverticulum Zenker Diverticulum | Liver Pancreas Foregut Surgery - Zenker’s diverticulum is a esophageal pouch that protrudes outward in a weak portion of the esophageal lining. This pear shaped structure appears mainly in the neck between the constritors and cricopharyngeal muscles. Zenker’s diverticula are usually located in the back of the throat, just above the esophagus  Why Zenker’s Diverticulum must be removed ?
  • http://www.liverpancreas.org/cancer-information/achalasia-surgery Achalasia Surgery Florida, Achalasia Treatment| Liver Pancreas - Surgery for Achalasia is most often done using laparoscopic surgery through a few small incisions. We at Liver Pancreas provide best treatment for Achalasia.
  • http://www.liverpancreas.org/cancer-information/gastroesophageal-reflux-disease-gerd GERD Surgery Florida, GERD Treatment | Liver Pancreas - Surgery for GERD may involve a procedure to reinforce the lower esophageal sphincter called fundoplication. Liver Pancreas provides perfect treatment for GERD in Florida.
  • http://www.liverpancreas.org/cancer-information/adrenal-gland-tumors Adrenal gland tumors | Liver Pancreas Foregut Surgery - Most adrenal gland tumors are unilateral. These tumors can be functional ( hormone producing ) or silent. They can further be divided as benign or malignant.
  • http://www.liverpancreas.org/cancer-information/pancreatic-cancer-surgery Pancreatitis treatment, Pancreas Surgery Tampa Florida | Liver Pancreas - Liver Pancreas Foregut Surgery is a leading Pancreatitis cancer care hospital located in Florida, USA. There are various types of pancreatic cancer surgery. Pancreatic Treatment depends on location and stage of your cancer.

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