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Laboratory Recruiters & Recruitment, Lab Jobs: Lighthouse Recruiting - Lighthouse Recruiting specializes in laboratory recruitment, acting as laboratory recruiters to provide a range of lab jobs for laboratory professionals

  • http://www.lighthouserecruiting.com/laboratory-recruiters-placement-clinical-recruiting/ Laboratory Recruitment, Placement, & Recruiters, Clinical Recruiting - For laboratories nationwide, Lighthouse Recruiting are laboratory recruiters offering laboratory recruitment & placement services with clinical recruiting
  • http://www.lighthouserecruiting.com/laboratory-consultants/ Lab & Laboratory Startup Consultants, Inspector, & Data Analysis - As laboratory consultants, Lighthouse Recruiting provides laboratory data analysis, startup consultants, & accreditation organizations to clients nationwide
  • http://www.lighthouserecruiting.com/cola-clia-lab-laboratory-certification-accreditation/ COLA & CLIA Lab & Laboratory Certification & Accreditation: Lighthouse - Lighthouse Recruiting offers COLA & CLIA lab & laboratory certification & accreditation as one of the nation's top laboratory accreditation
  • http://www.lighthouserecruiting.com/cms115-form-assistance-lab-director-recruiting/ Laboratory & Lab Director Recruiting, CMS116 Form Assistance - In addition to our laboratory & lab director recruiting services, Lighthouse Recruiting offers expert CMS116 form assistance from our part-time lab
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  • http://www.lighthouserecruiting.com/clinical-laboratory-recruiters-lab-accreditation/ Clinical Laboratory Recruiters, Lab Accreditation Leadership Team - The leadership team at Lighthouse Recruiting is made up of expert clinical laboratory recruiters & lab accreditation professionals. We serve laboratories
  • http://www.lighthouserecruiting.com/water-for-good-well-digging-africa/ Water for Good: Water & Well Solutions in the Central African Republic - Lighthouse Recruiting is proud to support Water for Good, a charity which provides drinking water & well digging solutions in the Central African Republic
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  • http://www.lighthouserecruiting.com/laboratory-placement-recruiting-social-media/ Laboratory Placement & Recruiting: Connect with Lighthouse Recruiting - Connect with Lighthouse Recruiting via social media to stay up to date with our laboratory placement & recruiting services & the lab jobs we are filling
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  • http://www.lighthouserecruiting.com/contact-laboratory-recruiting-placement-recruiters/ Laboratory Recruiting, Placement, & Recruiters: Lighthouse Recruiting - Contact Lighthouse Recruiting today for more about our laboratory recruiting & placement services & speak with laboratory recruiters for help finding

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  • VTkillabee - What's the difference?

    First off a little about me. I'm in my thirties and I have done various at home dvd's like Gilad, P90x, Insanity and Insanity Asylum. I have also worked with trainers and worked out on my own but I am by no means a fitness expert. I know a lot of people have asked what is the difference between Insanity and this new workout? I know Shaun T himself has said that the programs shouldn't be compared but it is inevitable.

  • Mandolin E. - Great Product and Great Sound Quality!

    I usually am not one to pay a lot for headphones because I tend to always get shorts in the cords or lose them. However, I was given the opportunity to use these and I could not be more satisfied. I am planning to purchase another pair as a gift for my nephew because he tends to be just as hard on his headphones as well. The headphones paired with my phone easily. The sound quality is nice and they are very comfortable o wear. They are pretty flexible and allow you to continue your normal activity and lift without the hassle of getting tied up in cords or other problems. The headphones came with a charger and did not take long to charge. I charged them for a couple of hours and was able to get through my entire 8 hour work day with them.

  • jinx_nm - Huge Hidden Problem!

    I was enthusiastic to save money with Magic Jack Plus, and I was pleased with the call quality until I learned of a huge hidden issue. A client of mine tried to call me from a business that has a large phone network, and for whatever reason their phone number is not displayed by caller ID. Instead of ringing straight through, she heard a tacky Magic Jack ad followed by a message that her call could not be completed. When I contacted Magic Jack to learn how I could change this setting, they offered no alternative. I told them that this was a deal breaker for me, so they told me how to cancel service. This could be a huge issue for anyone who receives calls from large businesses, institutions, or friends and family members that have restricted numbers (as some people in law enforcement do for their own protection). If I do not want to answer an unidentified call I prefer to receive it, let it go to voicemail, and then call the person back if it is legitimate. Not receiving important calls, or worse yet looking tacky to clients are real business killers. I wish I had known in advance, so I felt compelled to let others know to save them the inconvenience of buying the unit and service and then cancelling.

  • flower - Made TWO of my cats sick. PLEASE READ.

    UPDATE to original post: The product I bought was called Evolv. It looks like they have switched out the bottle and called it something different. I have no idea if the formula is any different.

  • Liza - I've never ordered shoes like this and thought I'd be safe

    They were supposed to be identical to the shoes I own, same style, and year. They did not fit the same and I had to return them. I've never ordered shoes like this and thought I'd be safe. Bummer! They looked great, too.

  • coopercrew - Amazing!

    I took this only one day and I ordered more. I took two pills in the morning, 1 in the afternoon and 2 pills at bedtime. I did not need to take my normal allergy meds. I normally take 1 Zyrtec in the morning and 2 Benadryl at night.