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  • tom68 - sportsstuff Fiesta Island

    Several weeks ago i purchased the sportsstuff Fiesta Island blow up raft for the spring boating season.Ever since i brought it home me and my kids could not wait to use it! The first time we brought it on the boat it was a little difficult to store, but when it came time to use it it we pumped it up with an electrical pump in about 5 minutes. This raft was very enjoyable to use, you can fit about 5 adults and a cupple kids comfortably. when we where done using it it deflated easily. The product is a little on the heavy side but nothing back breaking. i would rec amend the sportsstuff Fiesta Island to some one who wants to just relax on the water and let their kids have fun.

  • hoopette5036 - This product is awesome! I am a heavy cannibis "medicator"

    This product is awesome! I am a heavy cannibis "medicator". On a weeknight, when all the kiddies are asleep and business has been tended to, I suddenly have "whatever symptom I need to occur" and I can put 4 spliffs away. I am 6 feet tall, female, and 200+ lbs of sexy. I've used this product so many times I don't have that nasty anxiety sweat when going in for my testing. I KNOW the results are going to be negative. The only thing I implore you guys to do.............FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS. I know you may feel that you aren't peeing fast enough, just relax! It will come! Also, drink plenty of water the day before so you're fully loaded for the 3-4 bathroom visits to make sure this is working. My husband uses this product as well. He's 6'3 and about 200 lbs.We haven't had an issue yet and we have been tested a total of 5 times in the past year. This is an awesome product....can't say enough about it.

  • Militza J. - These are meant to maintain your weight & helps you not to gain any weight from the bad foods your eating

    To all those buying this product for fat loss. These are NOT for weight loss! These are meant to maintain your weight & helps you not to gain any weight from the bad foods your eating. These do NOT burn fat! They fight fat from happening. These work great for cheat meals. I love this product!

  • ana_dive - Simply bad

    Make sure you get the right magazine. Check how many L there are in Traveler. If there is only one it is the "crap" version. Made mistake, learned the lesson paid extra for good magazine. The "all acces" won't work.

  • R. Barnes - I was shocked at how easy it was

    I did quite a bit of research comparing the various options for wifi boosters/range extenders. The reviews on the almond persuaded me to give it a try and one of the biggest selling points was "easy setup". We've bought things before that were just so complicated to set up it was so frustrating. So it came in and I had it up and running in maybe 5 mins total including time to plug it in etc. I was shocked at how easy it was, and even that wouldn't have been worth 5 stars, it was the amazing performance I got. Our iPhones were so slow in our house we had to turn off wifi and just use LTE befor the almond. They are lightning fast on the almond signal now. I mean like 1000% faster. I could not be more happy with this purchase. I highly recommend giving it a try!!

  • Maxwellsdemon - Close deals with dry hands.

    Phenomenal product. Im not a stripper or an avid weight lifter but I do have to meet people for work on a regular basis. Since I live in an area with a very hot climate I tend to get sweaty palms when suited up before going into a meeting. A couple drops of this is a great little trick to have dry hands for a handshake. 5/5

  • Markus Zellinger - Wow wow wow

    Totally fantastic camera! Set up in minutes, the quality is seriously on par with GoPro products bit without the name inspired price tag!