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LEEF BC or Leading Edge Endowment Fund provides research chairs - Located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, LEEF BC provides research chairs in health, technology, environment, social & economic development.

  • http://www.leefbc.ca/researchchairs/default.htm Research chairs in health, technology, environment, social & economic development. - LEEF BC or Leading Edge Endowment Fund is located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

    Country:, North America, US

    City: -80.1273 Florida, United States

  • D. Howard - Catholic Bible for Kindle

    It is great to have a Catholic Bible for my Kindle White Paper. I am still learning how to use the abbreviations and move quickly around the scriptures. It is much lighter when I travel which is why I purchased the Kindle in the first place. I recommend this Bible for anyone who wants to have a Catholic Bible handy but not have the weight to carry around.

  • Tom Davis - Product would not install

    Product would not install. I kept getting an error message, I went to the help section followed the directions to the letter still would not install. We subscribe to a online service (Comodo) that cleans up your computer and helps you install programs, their technicians tried for about an hour to install this program and could not. I have been using an older version of print master for years with no problems. I sent this version of the program back for a full refund it's junk! I would not recommend this program to a friend or an enemy!

  • MCWoodruff - He gets a good laugh out of it

    Recently purchased this game to up my cardio after having a baby. I am not a dance naturally but I still find this game enjoyable. My husband really loves the video record feature. He gets a good laugh out of it!

  • Edward B. Schaack - Best insect repellent for non-jungle locations

    I have used this insect repellent in the United States and never had one insect bite. However, I do not recommend this repellent for jungle locations or where malaria is prevalent.

  • kkramer - Doesn't Last and Domes Constantly Cracking

    We had to replace the dome not long after we got it. It cracked. We had to pay for the new one $15.00 plus shipping @ $13.95. Now, again, after a short time, the new "improved" dome is cracked. Go to their web site to order a new dome, now at $25.00 and they are out of them currently. It doesn't matter because today, the unit stopped working. No lights on the digital panel, nothing. You can replace the power head but they are out of them too. Does that give you a hint? I like the idea of this oven instead of the regular kitchen oven, but I'm not buying this brand.

  • Jmarie - Easy foundation application!

    I have seen these new make-up brushes all over the internet and finally the curiosity finally got me and I had to order one. This brush is amazing. I usually use my fingers or one of the sponge things to apply my foundation. This is so much easier and looks way better. I just apply the foundation on my face and then use this brush to blend it in. It really does a great job at leaving no streaks. I was amazed at how soft the brush felt on my face. I also use mineral foundation on some days. This works just as good with the powder as it does with the liquid. I am pretty simple when it comes to makeup. Usually just foundation,powder,mascara and a tiny bit of eyeshadow. But im sure this brush could be used for applying blush as well. The brush fits perfect in my hand. It comes with steps to show you how to apply the makeup using the brush so that was cool since i never used one of these. My teen walked into my bathroom one day when I was using it and flipped out saying omygosh you got one of those. Can I have it..LOL... i guess she has seen these before. By the way she did NOT get it. I am really interested in trying all the other sizes in the future. For my 1st oval brush I am very impressed.