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  • Maria V. Medina - This is the best supplement for me

    This is the best supplement for me . I am using it for 6 mos and my reading glasses is 250 it went down to 150.

  • Judith L. Spak - WARNING: The free 24-hour support will cost you $199.00

    When the computer did not do what the Quickstart Guide told me it would do to install the software, I called the support number on the box. It was just to the right of the copy that says "FREE 24 HOUR SUPPORT." I did not reach Bitdefender - I reached iYogi - but there was NO contact information for Bitdefender. I was kept on the phone for almost an hour and the tech guy "took control" of my computer and rushed me through steps in which I clicked on "I agree" without being given the time to read what I was agreeing to. When we got to the point where he detected ninety-nine "problems" already on my NEW computer he began the hard sell. He needed to fix all these problems before we could install the software and he could start just as soon as I forked over $199. Granted, this would cover any problem I had with the computer and any peripherals for a full year, and it was a very good value because I could expect to have to take the computer into the shop at least three or four times over the course of the year. (I've been a Mac user for twelve years and only made one trip to the shop, and that was because of a lightening strike! Could a PC be THAT much troubler?) I balked at being charged so much for free support and I got kicked upstairs to a "supervisor" (read deal closer) who was so offensive that I decided to eat the twenty-one bucks and seek internet security elsewhere. But not without recalling the best advice I've ever gotten from a friend: DO NOT STORE A HAMMER ANYWHERE NEAR YOUR COMPUTER!

  • David - Give your toothbrush some help

    We've all been told since childhood that we have to brush our teeth and take several minutes doing it. If you also use a waterpik after you brush you only have to look in your sink after using it to see what your toothbrush missed. Don't set it for more pressure than you need to do the job. If it hurts, you could be damaging your gums.

  • Amila2242 - Amazon is not the place to bargain for Isagenix

    Do not order this product! Order from Isagenix, they won't give you expired product and you can pick the flavors/quantities and extras. This is a great product when sold through the manufacturer only! The people selling this on Amazon will rip you off or sell you expired products. In my case, they took my money and never sent the product. Go to the Isagenix webpage and order yourself! You won't be sorry! It's a great product!

  • Sherry P. - Great program.

    It makes it a lot easier to keep up with how much money you are spending. And it can tell you how much you spent on particular categories - such as entertainment or eating out.

  • Carol - facebook

    I agree with another reviewer. I DON'T WANT TO LOG INTO FACEBOOK TO PLAY!!!!! The Facebook sign in screen came up 6(yes 6) times just trying to get to play. They're not going to force me to sign in. I'll be deleting soon! It was fun til now.