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  • Amazon Customer - I have three kids and I watch my niece a lot and she is only six months old so I knew this would be perfect to have in my car th

    I was given the opportunity to review [2016 Model] Back Seat Mirror - Rear View Baby Car Seat Mirror by Baby & Mom - Wide Convex Shatterproof Glass and Fully Assembled - Crash Tested and C Sold by: Equinox Int for $16.97. I was so excited to be able to review this, I have three kids and I watch my niece a lot and she is only six months old so I knew this would be perfect to have in my car this way I am able to see that she is always ok. First let me say my package arrived and was in perfect condition. The mirror was packaged very nicely in a box and has a protective film over the mirror portion which kept the mirror nice and clean. Installation was a breeze, I had it put up in my car in under five minutes. The mirror is held on the headrest with two adjustable straps that secure with a buckle. It really was easy to put on and it is very secure. It does not fall off once it is on. I love the fact that I can keep an eye on my kids and or on my niece at all times. This is really GREAT and I would highly recommend it to anyone who has kids and or anyone who watches kids. If this review helped you please hit the yes button. Also please note that I was given this product at a discounted rate and or for free in exchange for my honest review.

  • KadyOne - WARNING: FALLING HAIR, and lots of it

    I don't like this because my hair loss has accelerated beyond belief since I started taking about 6 weeks ago. The falling hair is worse than I was experiencing even while taking another product for which the initial reaction is known to be increased loss -- follicular activity is enhanced, so the new growth that's getting going forces a lot of old, thin hair out.

  • BigBadBill - POP!

    This bat has some pop to it. It was said to be a little top heavy but to be honest it is a little top heavy-not enough to alter your swing. My 13 year old uses this bat. Since using this bat he has gained a lot of respect. His singles are now doubles and doubles are triples. The ball is very fast off the bat. Within two weeks of everyday batting practice he has opened a lot of eyes.

  • Amazon Customer - Very secure!

    Exactly as stated, I love that the car seat "clicks in" to this adapter. It makes me feel much better about taking it out on the road, it feels very secure! It easily snaps on and off the stroller.

  • CROB - Not Recommended

    The software quality control is totally missing. I used the label maker to make CD labels. When I went to print, I told it to use Memorex A4 paper and print 50 labels for which it correctly said needed 25 sheets using 2 labels per page. When I printed, it printed 2 labels on the first page and only one on the other 24 pages. Then the labels were mis-registered so that they were unusable. I then tried to burn data CDs and it froze up multiple times - each time while verifying the CDs. I never had this type of problems with the old Roxio software. As far as I'm concerned Corel messes up everything they touch. I didn't know that they made it until I started trying to report the error. By the way, I could not find a way to report the problems. Does "Dilbert" work there?