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  • JudeandCo - Makes my skin feel soft. Not too sure about ...

    Makes my skin feel soft. Not too sure about the dead skin that comes off though. Read somewhere it peels off their counter and tables too.

  • Blues30 - My joints even felt great! However

    I wanted this product to work. I was really desperate. I ordered a box of this as well as the five lac. After taking Three Lac all my yeast symptoms subsided. My joints even felt great ! However, I felt like I was getting a UTI. After having a big problem with UTI's in the past this really scared me. So I called Three Lac and they told me it was part of the die off and I wanted them to be correct. So I went down to half a packet. I even had my husband try this and he felt like he was getting sick. The half a packet still made me feel like I had a UTI. I also had horrible abdominal cramping while taking this. So I stropped taking it and the UTI symptoms and abdominal cramping went away.

  • Emily - Lost 19 lbs and close to two pant sizes in three and a half weeks!

    I really loved Yoli the first week since I lost 13 lbs, however I bounced around the the remaining 6lbs over the next 2.5 weeks. The products are really great, but pretty expensive but taste/work great - I have tried all flavors. In my opinion, I think you could substitute the Yoli protein shakes for a VERY similar product (grass fed, no gmo, no antibiotics, natural sweetener and flavor whey) that is half the price as well as a different fiber/probiotic with a much lower price. Alkalete and Passion are great and I have tried stacking (1 Alkalete for 25 lbs) and also taking the two as recommended, but have far better results with the stacking. I used to drink 3-4 cups of cofffee or tea a day, but I have not had any cravings with the two Passion per day. My first two days I was a little sluggish and cranky, so I upped to three. The food schedule works fine for me, but I have an office job. I am never hungry - sometimes I actually feel like I am forcing myself to eat the afternoon snack - and you have a wide variety of food choices. I also don't feel the cravings for junk food like I had in the past, but there are a lot os sweets that work with the low-carb diet (WW, Atkins, Skinny Cow, So Delicious, Digestives, and high percent dark chocolate).

  • Lostjohn - Great Tea..I love it

    I bought my tea directly from the site as I had read the many reviews and heard about this tea. In the first three days, I was going to stop taking the tea as I did not really notice any changes. On day 4, the appetite supressant kicked in for me and my energy picked up. I increased my water intake and that seemed to help also. The tea on its own will not make you loose weight but it will help you jumpstart your fitness regime. I have been exercising more and making better food choices and I have to say that I have noticed inches lost and my clothes are getting loose. I definately have more energy without jitters...I am pleased with my purchase.

  • Gregory F Saunders - Great musicians!

    While I am not always crazy about Ringo's tunes, the musicianship of the band over comes it. This is an amazing group of musicians that play well off of each other. Fantastic!

  • Amazon Customer - It doesn't work on my system and I can't get a refund

    I purchased this download to get the product key so I could renew my current installation of Norton 360. For whatever reason, Norton informed me when I attempted to use the key that it was not compatible with my installed copy of Norton360. I have no idea how one can tell which version of 360 might be compatible with another version, if there is actually a difference and not merely an excuse to force me to purchase an annual renewal directly from Norton for $60.

  • ann lawrence - Life changing

    I started suffering from yeast infections while going through menopause. I started using monostat and other over the counter remedies but they only offered temporary relief . I tried natural remedies and couldn't find any thing that worked. I finally went to my gyno and they tested me for diebetes, although my A1c and glucose were elevated I didn't have diabetes, I got a prescription for the chronic yeast infection and thought finally this will be the end of my suffering, nope, about a month later back with a vengance. I was so miserable and was beginning to wonder if I would ever be "normal" again. I saw the reviews for the rephresh pills and thought why not,even though they are pricey, I had spent a button load of money on other products. I started taking them and didn't notice a diff rece even after a week, but I continued to take them and after the tenth day, I woke up and noticed a significant improvement and after two weeks, my yeast infection was gone. That was nearly three years ago and I haven't had a yeast infection. After taking them for a few months I tapered off and started using a probiotic, but I still take them at least once a week. I would be a spokes model for this pill at no charge. Quit wasting yor money and get your life back