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  • Amazon Customer - Works great for me!

    Followed the reviews and went to ports and used USB001 and it printed right away. I don't think I would use this if I had to print a lot of receipts everyday but I don't need it often so it works fine for me.

  • Jaybea20 - A great tool-worth going through it!

    I gave this one 4 stars because while it does it's job of ACT preparation, it is a bit dry. My 16 yr old is going through it and he also has Up Your Score...he prefers Up Your Score since it keeps his attention longer. Either way, this is a great tool and I would recommend it for the practice tests include

  • Bryan D,Holderman - This smells really nice, just didn't notice any difference in my

    Always hoped I would find something to help hair feel thick, maybe slow down hair loss. This smells really nice, just didn't notice any difference in my hair

  • John Benadum John B - No AM reception and poor FM

    Well, I read the reviews and yep, it is almost useless as a functioning antenna. I may be able to get 3 local FM stations to work efficiently? It does look good though on my 2014 RAM Truck and goes through the car wash with no problem. So I guess that I am stuck with the SiriusXM fee (can be negotiable as well) after the 1 year trial period ends. My biggest gripe is the cost. Having owned and operated a machining job shop for 23 years, I can tell you that this is not a $25.00 item. Even produced in small quantities, I would price this out at around $5.00. Add in profit for everyone else involved and some money for packaging and shipping and you have a $10.00/$12.00 item.....my best guess.

  • Mattie Watkins - If you animal has any other skin sensitivities I would not recommend this product.

    My cat has a flea allergy and though I am not usually a flea collar purchaser I thought I would try this product so Ashton could have a bit longer lasting flea protection.

  • Amazon Customer - Not impressed with CLR

    Bought CLR to clean the rust stains in my antique cast iron claw foot tub. After 10 mins of scrubbing with a brush gave up. It did fade it a bit but not enough to make it worth the purchase and I was not going to spend an hour scrubbing on it once it stopped showing any change in color.

  • Brandon - What a Great Facial Cleanser

    After using this facial cleanser, I must say that I am very happy with this product! The first thing I like about it is its good scent. It has a nice soothing scent. The next thing I find appealing about it is the smoothness of the “creamy” lotion type texture that you put on your face. It makes you feel as if you are at a spa. The las thing that I think is most important about this product is that it leaves your face feeling so refreshed. You do not need to use much of this every day. However, if you use this a little bit every day, I’m sure you will be ready to conquer anything that the day may bring at you! I usually put this on right before work so that I am feeling refreshed throughout the day. That is another nice thing about this facial cleanser: The refreshing feeling does not go away after a few minutes. It does a great job of staying around all day. The only complaint I had with this product is the price that it is listed for. I would think it would be at least $5- $7 less than it is. There are other cleansers that run less than this price. However, that being said, this is a very high quality facial cleanser. I highly recommend this product if you want a great facial cleanser that will help you look great and feel great all day long! I did receive this product at a discount or for free in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. However, that does not affect my review at all. My review would have said the exact same things if I had paid full price for this product. I am also under no obligation to leave a certain rating for this product. I gave this product the rating I thought it truly deserved. These are simply my honest and unbiased opinions. Thank you!