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  • Gunpo - Do not buy this product

    This is a truly awful program. Biggest gripe: you have an option for a cold call, but in order to schedule a call you need a contact at the location you are calling. Did it not occur to the developers that perhaps the reason I'm cold calling is because I don't currently have a contact at the location? This means that it's impossible to schedule calls for businesses that you do not already have a relationship with. Oh, you want to call this business that might be a large account for you, but you don't currently know who you should speak to? Tough luck, because ACT ain't helping you.

  • G. Essex - Not quite what was needed - and product descriptions or pictures imprecise

    I'm one of those "like to be prepared" people - always have on me a flashlight, multi-tool, sketchbooks, compact umbrella, and so on. Been using my excellent small bag (my "man sack") for a few years, with the only drawback being it's not waterproof - in heavy rain, I take a plastic bag (which I carry in the man sack) and put the bag in it to protect it.

  • Navi - Highly Recommended

    This product truly helped the color of my hair. I attempted to dye my hair at home and the results were less then desirable. The bottom of my hair turned a brassy orange color and the top of my hair turned bright yellow. Supper sexy, I know. I have washed my hair approximately five times with this product and the yellow is turning a white blonde color and the brassy orange bottom of my hair is turning a darker, more natural blonde. True my hair is still two different colors, but the shampoo cannot be held responsible for that.

  • Elizabeth Ferguson - Love how it comes in a pump bottle

    I have ordered a bunch of Radha Beauty products in the past and I really love the brand. I recently ordered a Radha Beauty vitamin C serum and I loved it, so I wanted to try their vitamin C facial cleanser too. The vitamin C serum and vitamin C facial cleanser actually pair very well and very nicely together. I use coconut oil to take off my makeup and then I will use this vitamin C facial cleanser to wash my face. I usually always wash my face twice, in order to make sure that I get all the makeup, oil, residue and dirt off my face. When I use this cleanser, I only need about the size of a pea to wash my face each time. A little does go a long way, and the face wash lathers very well. I really like the smell of this cleanser, because there's not too much of the smell and it is very light. I do not like a lot of other face cleansers or soaps that are heavily perfumed. This vitamin C cleanser is unfortunately only 4 ounces, So the bottle is very small. Even though the bottle is very small, you only need a little bit, and like I said I only use a pea sized amount for each time I wash my face, so this bottle should last me at least three months if I use it both in the morning and at night. I feel like this face wash cleans my face very well, and I feel like it helps even out the tone of my skin. One more thing that I really like about this cleanser is that it comes in a pump bottle. I hate how are their cleansers have the bottle where you have to pour it or open the whole thing. This pump bottle allows me to use it and not get product everywhere. It keeps everything cleaner, especially in the shower.

  • Matilda G Allen - It is really good solution for nail fungus

    It is really good solution for nail fungus. My mother is elderly, I haven notice, when did that developed, and she can't take oral fungus treatment, because of her liver, o just in case we try Zeta. I was surprised, when I notice, that her toe nail grew out half way healthy already. We are very pleased with results

  • Laurel - I am disappointed as 1) the smell of this is nothing like ...

    I bought this due to reading and hearing people rave about this. I am disappointed as 1) the smell of this is nothing like I was expecting. To me it has a "hospital-y" smell. 2.) As far as moisturization/ aiding with dry skin this didn't do anything superior to the baby baths that we used prior to this one. Note that this does not create a "bubble bath" as the bubbling is minimal (that did not affect my review though as I did not buy it as a bubble bath- just an observation I made compared to competing brands) Overall this is "okay" but I don't think we will re-order. I will stick with the J&J calming baby bath as that one does the trick for us and smells a lot more fresh and clean to me.

  • Tropic Lightning - Over pay your Taxes by $444

    [[ASIN:B00A42LWHO H&R Block At Home Deluxe + State 2012 I bought this software to do my state and federal taxes. It had me paying an extra $444 to the State of Minnesota on the interest I earned on tax free State of Minnesota Bonds. So if you want to over pay your taxes be sure and buy H&R Block software. I called them three times to get their software fixed and each time they promised to get back to me. They never called and never fixed their software. No wonder they guarantee their software for audits because they have you over paying your taxes.