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  • Timezones - Fun version of the Hercules story

    This is more of a 3.5 star review. WAY better than the "Legend of Hercules", but nothing amazing. I'd say it falls in line with something like the "Clash of The Titans" and "Mummy Movies". Decent cast and story. Special effects aren't too over the top (which is a good thing). Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson seems to be in his element as the mighty Hercules. A solid addition to the current Prime streaming library.

  • Mommy of 2 - My son has molliscum

    My son has been dealing with molliscum for 2 years. I starting using this cream on him and it seems to be helping. most of them have disappeared. He still gets new bumps but it is helping them also! I believe it's too expensive though and it's not a "cure" but it does seem to help! I'm glad to find something to help treat it!

  • K. Crawford - Hot and awkward

    The up/down buttons are in a dangerous place, where your fingers are, so I kept hitting the up button and the temperature climbs fast! The entire brush is big, heavy and awkward to use.

  • Michelle - Not recommended

    I used this product for 5 months. At first I really liked my results but over time Nerium clogged my pores around my chin. It gave me blackheads, zits, and little white bumps called Millia (which is hardened oil underneath the skin) that wouldn't pop. It almost looked like I had red rashes on both sides of my chin because my pores were so clogged and my skin was so damaged. I have never in my life had acne, not even as a teenager (I'm 32) so I know that my skin issues were a result of using Nerium. I've stopped using the product and it has taken my skin about another 5 months to clear up with the proper treatment and products. Be careful with long term use of Nerium.

  • Kindle Customer. very good book, it isvery true to life. This is and has occured in the world we are - It was a Very depressing book, and I did not really enjoy it.

    I understand life was difficult at this time in history., but the murders and filth that was described was