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Research from Joerg Piper, Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy, IUIPS, University of Oradea, in light microscopy, luminance, relief, phase, interference contrast, flourescence, digital photomicrography, rehabilitation, risk factor management, prevention medi - research in microscopy, illumination techniques, relief, phase, luminance, interference, contrast, flourescence, capillaroscopy, endoscopy, echocardiography, rehabilitation, risk management, prevention, IUIPS, Oradea

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City: 13.4062 Land Berlin, Germany

  • Michael Running Dear - Potent Sedative? Yes. Anything else? No!

    I ordered this after reading about its benefits online and through a friend. After taking the product for several days I can say that the ONLY effect of it is as a sedative. All the other claims about inebriation are totally false (for me, at least).

  • Rich W - Most forgiving ball I've played

    I did not buy these balls for distance due to that not being an issue in my game, they do hit fairly far though. I was looking for a ball that gave the most forgiveness out of miss hit shots. Plain and simple I will say this, these are the only balls that I'll finish a round of 18 with the same ball I started. I can't say the same for any other ball I've played. Thought it might just be dumb luck at fist but after 80+/- rounds I can't argue with the facts, these balls are the most forgiving for an average golfer hands down.

  • Marilyn Rischmann - These short fiction stories never disappoint. I purchase Best American Short Fiction every year ...

    These short fiction stories never disappoint. I purchase Best American Short Fiction every year to start the Mew Year right!

  • The Yang Clan - Amazing, way better than FIFA 14. Stimulates real World Cup games.

    I only have the demo, but in my opinion it is better then FIFA 14. This game is also very realistic with the fouls, penalties, expressions, and the introduction to the game. My favorite part is the commentaries, it seems like they are always Captain Obvious. For example, if I slide tackle someone and he falls down screaming in agony, they say something like "Oh, that's probably a foul right there." I like how they added new features such as the stadiums. you can either choose Estádio do Maracanã or other stadiums based in São Paulo. EA Sports also added 1 new difficulty, beginner. It is useful for practicing your skills or just getting high scores (My highest is 11-0 Brazil vs. New Zealand but my friend managed to score 20 goals in one game.). I bet playing online is a nightmare, whenever I play on professional-legendary my player has no room to move so my option is to either shoot or pass. I can't actually pass; All my teammates always seem to be behind me. The only complaint I have is that you can't play on the practice arena without having to buy the full version. Other than that, This game is spectacular.

  • Margaret Martin - Lifesaver on long car trip

    I purchased this book on my kindle when we were taking our grandchildren across Texas. It was a lifesaver! I had two six year olds that wanted to read all week! They enjoyed the stories, understood them, and could read them on their own.