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  • linfer dass james - after taking it you are not disappointed.

    this product does what is said on the label control the appetite. It's name gives you an idea what to expect.

  • Edward Falk - Not for use with Barbies or Bratz dolls

    Contrary to what other reviewers suggested, I would NOT use Barbie or Bratz dolls with this toy. They're highly likely to be pulled aside for pat-downs or strip searches, and this just delays everybody.

  • Natalia Murataeva - Nie tea

    It's a very flavorful blend. I like it a lot, it makes for a great cup of tea before bed. I also drink it during the day sometimes---it really soothes my throat---I talk a lot at work. Overall a very good quality product

  • Amazon Customer - Better than a smart phone!

    This is probably the fifth time I've bought one of these books. Every two years I get a new one, partly because the old one gets dog-eared and so full of highlighted pages, it wants to fall apart. Better than a smartphone because it doesn't need a signal to work!

  • MissP - Better than expected

    I was rather skeptical of spending this much on custom floor mats. But dealling with oilfield workers who SWEAR by Weathertech I bit the bullet and ordered for my new truck. I was also somewhat skeptical of them fitting correctly since the new models haven't been out that long. The FedEx driver brought my mats in two days and was telling me about her Weathertech mats. I didn't realize so many people really used them. So I went to the car wash with my boxes in hand to vaccum the rugs I was going to replace and the owner of the car wash was RAVING about his Weathertech. Mine fit perfectly, looked great, covered well, and were shipped fast. So I am pretty confident that the oilfield guys, the FedEx girl, the car wash owner AND myself made a great choice with Weathertech.