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  • Tommy - Havent watched it? Huh?

    Girlfriend loves it, funniest show ever she says. Oh that frank! She exclaims! You'd love it!! She yells at me.....I have sat down and watched an episode or two and it was funny as hell. Even though I haven't watched this show from beginning to end or even much at all. I can relate to that feeling of excitement that a show gives. For me it was Dexter, the walking dead and game of thrones are those shows for me now. So I feel fairly confident about giving a 5 star rating for something I really haven't watched. Yet.

  • addicted_to_amazon - I really like how simple this product is

    I really like how simple this product is. I have used any energy drinks and reviewed them here on amazon and they all work well but what I do like about this is that it is simply a caffeine stick, which can used in any drink. Water, soda , whatever, just dip and stir. So if the taste of energy drinks don't appeal to you , than these certainly will because there is hardly any after taste. I say hardly because truth is this is made with stevia and it can be tasted if your not used to the artificial sweetness that it delivers. Overall though the taste is hardly noticed especially in a nice cold beverage. I purchased a 6 pack to start with but plan on buy-in more than enough larger packs to suit my needs. These are pretty long sticks and arrived completely intact which is a great thing. There are lots of reviews on this item and they all say the same thing which is it works. This I can agree with , after using 3 sticks , 2 in one day and the third on a different. I can say I noticed an extra bolt of energy, although I felt like it was a few hours of energy as compared to other energy drinks which seems shorter than I had experienced. I have felt no side effects and no fatigue and would recommend giving it a try if your curious yourself. I suggest a call pack to start and then moving up when you find your tolerance for the product.

  • Michael Foelsch - HORRIBLE PRODUCT

    The moment I installed the STUBBY ANTENNA I noticed a STRIKING decrease in my ability to receive AM and FM channels that I NORMALLY had CLEAR reception of. I would NOT reccomend this product to ANYONE!!!!! If it was not for the pain in my ASS that it would take to return this item that was $20, I would DEMAND a full refund. Since it's not worth my time to go to the post office and return this item, I will leave it alone and NEVER order from this company again.!!!!!

  • Gary E. - Better Brella is a nice looking umbrella with a unique ...

    Better Brella is a nice looking umbrella with a unique design. It’s a reverse design that folds easily. The umbrella is larger size than I am used to, I would prefer to have a smaller size. It held up very well to some strong winds, 20 to 30 mph gusts. Disclosure: I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest review.