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18º International Zeolite Conference, 2016 IZC Rio de Janeiro - 2016 IZC - 18º International Zeolite Conference - Zeolites for a Sustainable World - The event will occur on 19-24th June 2016 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

  • http://www.izc18.com/pre-conference-school/ Presentation Pre-conference School - 18º International Zeolites Conference, IZC 18 - IZC 18 School Pre-Conference: Dilson Cardoso, Gabriele Centi and Svetlana Mintova.
  • http://www.izc18.com/pre-conference-school/venue-and-lodging/ Venue and Lodging Pre-conference School - 18º International Zeolites Conference, IZC 18 - Campinas is a medium-sized city with ca. 1.5 million inhabitants located at 100 km from the capital of the São Paulo state, southeast of Brazil.

    Country:, South America, BR

    City: -46.6289 Sao Paulo, Brazil

  • Mimi - A Winner!

    Okay! I have sciatia pain. Went to Chiropractor for 4 sessions (which helped) and my bill was over $4oo. Found this wonderful 10's machine and ordered! What a wonderful thing this is!!! My only advice is to order multiple sets of pads when you do order. My hubby and I are both using this device and the pads are about used up! LOVE IT and actually have purchased 2 more for gifts!

  • New Sole Dec 31 2010 - Very nice machine - I'm anxious to really use it now

    We just received our Sole E55 on 12/30/10 and finished the assembly yesterday. Also if you haven't purchased your machine yet, I highly recommend you go to Sears or Dicks and check the models out. We wish we had purchased the E95 simply for the padded footrests and the larger flywheel. Even so, the E55 is a smooth machine.

  • Thomas F. Bender - Just okay, sights don't line up perfectly as you really want them too.

    The sights aren't as good as an arcade shooter, but better than the CTA wii rifle. The calibration wasn't on the mark either.