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Irondequoit Pediatrics | Exceptional care - every step of the way. - Rochester, NY - At Irondequoit Pediatrics, we work together as a team to give your loved ones and family the care they deserve.

  • http://www.irondequoitpediatrics.com/about-us About Irondequoit Pediatrics Practice - At Irondequoit Pediatrics we provide effective pediatric medical care, when you require health care for your child call rochester’s number one pediatric..
  • http://www.irondequoitpediatrics.com/about-us/our-pediatricians Pediatricians Dr. Bennett, Dr. Savage, Dr. Edwards and Laine Sefick at IRP - At Irondequoit Pediatrics we have an experienced staff of board certified pediatricians. We love what we do, and are committed to providing the best med..
  • http://www.irondequoitpediatrics.com/about-us/our-team Irondequoit Pediatrics | Our Rochester Office - Our pediatric care facility is conveniently located in Rochester NY and offers expert health care services for children - from newborns to young adults.
  • http://www.irondequoitpediatrics.com/about-us/our-office Our Office | Irondequoit Pediatrics - Coming to a doctor’s office can be stressful , but we do our best to put you at ease. Be sure to check in at the window when you come in...
  • http://www.irondequoitpediatrics.com/about-us/office-news Office News | Irondequoit Pediatrics - Contact Irondequoit Pediatrics where we provide exceptional pediatric care, education, and health promotion for children. Rochester NY
  • http://www.irondequoitpediatrics.com/about-us/kids-fun-page Kid's Fun Page | Irondequoit Pediatrics - We’d like to give your kids a way to express themselves creatively, have fun, and at the same time, stay connected with Irondequoit Pediatrics...
  • http://www.irondequoitpediatrics.com/office-information Rochesters Leading Pediatric Health Clinic - Irondequoit Pediatrics provides high quality and compassionate infant, child and adolescent care in the Rochester, NY area.
  • http://www.irondequoitpediatrics.com/office-information/insurance-billing Insurance & Billing | Irondequoit Pediatrics - Irondequoit Pediatrics takes most major forms of insurance. We know there are many rules and regulations when it comes to insurance coverage...
  • http://www.irondequoitpediatrics.com/office-information/privacy-statement Privacy Statement | Irondequoit Pediatrics - At Irondequoit Pediatrics, we are committed to maintaining the privacy of your individually identifiable health information (IIHI). That’s why...
  • http://www.irondequoitpediatrics.com/office-information/refer-patient Irondequoit Pediatrics and Patient Referrals | IRP - We are accepting new patients. Thank you for showing your confidence and trust in our practice with each referral you make. We've expanded our practice..
  • http://www.irondequoitpediatrics.com/patient-services Irondequoit Pediatrics patient care services - Irondequoit Pediatrics offers the best pediatricians in Rochester NY you will know your child is getting the best treatment and care available.
  • http://www.irondequoitpediatrics.com/patient-services/well-child-information Wellness Visits, Pediatrics | Irondequoit Pediatrics | Rochester, NY - Your child’s health is best maintained through regular check-ups when she or he is well. At theses visits, we evaluate growth and development; check..
  • http://www.irondequoitpediatrics.com/patient-services/adolescents Adolescents | Irondequoit Pediatrics - We enjoy our patients at this important time of transition to their young adulthood. It’s a special time when we begin to relate with an..
  • http://www.irondequoitpediatrics.com/patient-services/expectant-new-parents Irondequoit Pediatrics for expectant and new parents - Choose the right rochester pediatrician who will care for you whether you're expecting your first baby or adding a new little one to your family.
  • http://www.irondequoitpediatrics.com/patient-services/evaluation-forms Make an appointment with Irondequoit Pediatrics - Irondequoit Pediatrics provides evaluations for attention deficit, hyperactivity, autism screening, anxiety, depression and many more teen issues.
  • http://www.irondequoitpediatrics.com/health-resources Irondequoit Pediatrics | Pediatric Health Resources - Pediatrician information and resources from Irondequoit Pediatrics of Rochester New York, caring for infants, children and adolescents.
  • http://www.irondequoitpediatrics.com/patient-services/vaccine-schedule Vaccine Schedule | Irondequoit Pediatrics - The pediatricians at Irondequoit Pediatrics firmly agree with the immunization policies and recommendations of the American Academy of Pediatrics...
  • http://www.irondequoitpediatrics.com/health-resources/common-health-problems-or-questions Common Health Problems or Questions | Irondequoit Pediatrics - More than likely your child will contract the common cold, maybe an ear infection, develop a fever, start a cough that keeps him or her up all night..
  • http://www.irondequoitpediatrics.com/health-resources/recommended-books Recommended Books | Irondequoit Pediatrics - Over the years we've come to rely on some of these books. The information is sound, the message a good one, and they are written in an easy to...
  • http://www.irondequoitpediatrics.com/health-resources/recommended-websites Recommended Websites | Irondequoit Pediatrics - This is the website is run by the American Academy of Pediatrics for parents and pediatricians alike. It contains multiple sources of information...
  • http://www.irondequoitpediatrics.com/well-child-information/newborn Newborn | Irondequoit Pediatrics - It is not unusual to hear questions from new parents everyday. How amazing it is to bring a new little member of your family into your home!

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    Purchased these after having to purchase them at local stores from 29-33 plus tax and having to only purchase 2 at a time due to low stock. This is definitely a great price and all of the cans came with over 2 years left on shelf life and well packaged. Definitely a great deal, I was skeptical based on past reviews, but glad I made the leap on this phenomenal deal.

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