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  • Ingrid E. Fitzgerald - Dont waste your money on this stuff

    Dont waste your money on this stuff, I used the whole jug in three applications and it didnt do squat......but thankfully my neighbor turned me on to a great tip, buy a 6$ box of Tide laundry detergent and sprinkle it generously across the crown of your roof and let the rain do the work for you......I did that after wasting 10 times the cash on this junk and was pleasently rewarded.

  • laughing_earth - Be careful when opening the attachments

    The one problem with this knife (supposedly a "demo" model) is that the attachments must opened in the right sequence, or you can really hurt yourself. When I received my first Wenger 16999 Swiss Army Knife Giant, I opened attachments 57, 23, 2, 34, and 18 (in that order) and was very surprised when three PO'd Cenobites showed up. The next time, I tried opening attachments 54, 12, 1, 24, and 16, whereupon the dreaming god Cthulu was summoned forth from R'lyeh. He just stood there in my living room dripping wet, and I had a deuce of a time calming him down! Finally, the last time I opened the knife, I tried attachments 2, 3, 44, 30, and 6 - and the damn knife just rotated through the sixth dimension and dropped out of our universe altogether. I nearly lost a finger on that one. I really just bought it for its quantum tunneling features (I have an interview at Aperture Science next week and need to be prepared), so if someone can tell me the right sequence AND IT WORKS, I could give this knife a higher rating.

  • Melissa Jones - Great tasting but a detox? Not so sure

    This tea is nice because it comes in the bag so you don't need an infuser for it. It tastes great and is very easy to drink the whole cup unlike other tea detoxes. I've been drinking it for about a week already and I've felt healthier but I'm unsure of it helping with weight loss. I guess I need to give it more time. The tea is very mild so it doesn't cause bathroom issues, which makes me think it's not really "detoxing" the body. Overall it's a very tasty tea!

  • Will & Germy - Good & Bad

    This car seat is sleek and looks great. The safety feature are unmatched. However, we ordered two for our twins and they have a very strong chemical smell. You will want to let them air out for a while. We drove from San Antonio to San Diego and had to change them back into their infant car seats because the smell was so strong.

  • C. Ouillette - Superior mechanical keyboard

    Just love this keyboard! Previously used 2 Cherry MX keyboards, both had issues and stopped working, no response from manufacturer. My previous kb was a non-mechanical Razer which had no issues so I figured I would give this one a chance. I type at night a lot so the steady backlight is preferred though the patterns were fun to look at. Action of the keys is just right for me. Hope this one will last me a very long time.

  • Matt D - Good Value

    Fit perfect, and I like the amount of flexibility in positioning the cleats on the bottom of the shoe. Stiffness of the sole makes a tremendous difference - you feel much more connected to the bike. I have noticed some numbness on my medium length (20-30 mile) rides. In fairness, I suspect the problem is cleat positioning. The advantage of these shoes is how many adjustments you can do - unfortunately this is also a weakness as you may spend some time "dialing in" cleat position and strap tightness. Once you do, however, they're fantastic boots - and for almost half the price of other top name brand carbon cycling shoes.

  • CasualWoman - and they are sturdy. No slippage possible

    These fit perfectly, and they are sturdy. No slippage possible. With these in place you can relax. Day after I put them in I spilled a cup of coffee. Easy clean-up!