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Understanding Intellectual Disability and Health | Intellectual Disability and Health - An understanding of the nature of intellectual disability is essential for health care professionals, who are required to support equal access to their services for all disabled people.

  • http://www.intellectualdisability.info/diagnosis Diagnosis | Intellectual Disability and Health - The aim of this section is to describe prenatal screening procedures and tests designed to assess the functioning of children and adults. It covers not just the technical aspects of these procedures, but the impact which the process of testing per se has on parents and on individuals who are themselves thought to have intellectual and other disabilities.
  • http://www.intellectualdisability.info/family Family | Intellectual Disability and Health - Most people with intellectual disabilities live at home with their families. Valuing parents' views and their knowledge of their children is crucial to the effective provision of health care. A number of articles are being prepared for this section. Please let us know if there are new topics that you would like us to include.
  • http://www.intellectualdisability.info/life-stages Life stages | Intellectual Disability and Health - Life stages create changing demands and roles over time. The developmental transitions and related service responses, from infancy to childhood to adolescence, adulthood, middle age and old age are associated with personal and family adaptations, shifting responsibilities and challenges.
  • http://www.intellectualdisability.info/physical-health Physical health | Intellectual Disability and Health - This section contains articles about various physical conditions and illnesses, and their implications for people with intellectual disabilities.
  • http://www.intellectualdisability.info/mental-health Mental health | Intellectual Disability and Health - This section contains a range of articles on different aspects of the mental health of people with intellectual disabilities.
  • http://www.intellectualdisability.info/how-to-guides How to | Intellectual Disability and Health - This section provides practical advice about relevant clinical skills. Most advice is written, but pictures also feature, including some from the Books Beyond Words series.

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