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  • http://www.insurancenetworking.com/conferences/digitalinsurance/ Dig|In:The Digital Future of Insurance | May 11-12, 2017 | Austin TX | Digital | In: The Digital Future of Insurance - For 2 days in the Spring, Senior technology and strategy decision makers from insurance carriers from across the U.S. and around the globe will gather at Dig|In - Digital Insurance Conference - on May 11-12 in Austin, TX to focus on the new technologies, strategies and channels that are transforming the insurance experience for customers and pricing and channel dynamics for carriers.
  • http://www.insurancenetworking.com/conferences/women-in-insurance/ Women In Leadership | October 24-25, 2016 | Chicago IL | Women in Insurance Leadership - The Women in Insurance Leadership brings together women from all lines of business and enterprise operations, showcasing a diversity in talent that is the envy of financial services. The 9th Annual Women in Insurance Leadership Forum, taking place October 24-25, 2016 in Chicago, is your opportunity to meet this year’s honorees and discuss how to advance women in the field and talk about key issues in the industry.
  • http://www.insurancenetworking.com/news/core-systems/liberty-mutual-deploys-new-cloud-for-core-technology-37667-1.html Liberty Mutual Deploys New Cloud For Core Technology -- Insurance Networking News - The EIS and Amazon Web Services combination serves the benefits business unit.
  • http://www.insurancenetworking.com/news/data-analytics/facebook-says-users-cant-stop-it-from-using-biometric-data-37669-1.html Facebook Says Users Can t Stop It From Using Biometric Data -- Insurance Networking News - Advances in facial recognition technology give companies the potential to profit from biometric data, privacy advocates see a pattern in how the world s largest social network and search engine have sold users viewing histories for advertising.
  • http://www.insurancenetworking.com/news/innovation/insurance-execs-reveal-it-recruiting-tips-37664-1.html Insurance Execs Reveal IT Recruiting Tips -- Insurance Networking News - Finding and retaining IT talent starts at a very young age, according to insurance executives from State Farm, CNA Insurance and Travelers.

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  • Dennis M. Phelan - Very satisfied with the results

    Not being a real big "do it yourself"'er, I was very hesitant about doing this project by myself. The final result was fantastic. I couldn't be more pleased.

  • YodaMom - Scam Scam Scam Overpriced Scam

    I was grabbed by a woman, talked to like a child, wrangled with deals within deals and questioned about my ability to pay ?!?!? Wow, cheap sales tactics. First I was interested, sure I'm always looking for a better product. The sales women scrubbed my hand so hand trying to get some of the dirt off that she left my skin raw and showed me how dirty my hand was ? Really ? that is called skin Ms. She was bent offer scrubbing like she had a iron pot crusted with burnt food. I listened to her pitch or should I say punch, this was a sales push without any ingredient listings, or tested results, nothing. When I asked about he ingredients I was told that if money was a problem she could make me a deal of just this one bottle and she would throw in these small ample packets as a bonus. I asked about animal testing, I was redirected again to how dirty my skin was just look at my hand, I luckily walked out of there without a purchase and will never go back again or speak to these sales people. My hand the next day, it had three scabs and the skin felt just as supple as the other hand without the cleaning skin removal. This was worth almost $200 ?