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Ingalls Health System - Hospital Chicago South Suburbs - Welcome to the official website of Ingalls Health System - a hospital and health system serving Chicago’s south suburbs.

  • http://www.ingalls.org/Advanced-Orthopedic-Institute.aspx Advanced Orthopedic Institute - Orthopedic Care - Ingalls - The Advanced Orthopedic Institute at Ingalls in Chicago’s south suburbs is the region’s top destination for joint and spine care for every member of the family
  • http://www.ingalls.org/AOI-Joint-Center.aspx Joint Center - Hip, Knee, Shoulder Care - Ingalls - Ingalls is the only hospital in Chicago’s South Suburbs with a center dedicated solely to joint care. Joints are all we treat. So we're better at treating them.
  • http://www.ingalls.org/AOI-Spine-Center.aspx Spine Center - Neck, Spine Treatment - Ingalls - The Ingalls Spine Center does more procedures of the neck, spine, discs, vertebrae, nerves and spinal cord than any other hospital in Chicago's South Suburbs.
  • http://www.ingalls.org/AOI-Sports-Medicine.aspx Sports Medicine - ACL Reconstruction - Ingalls - If you or a family member has been sidelined with a sports injury, you can count on the fellowship-trained sports medicine doctors at Ingalls.
  • http://www.ingalls.org/AOI-Rehabilitative-Medicine.aspx Rehabilitative Medicine - Physical Therapy - Ingalls - From physical and occupational therapy to pain management, we will help you choose the best way to transition from inpatient or outpatient care to home.
  • http://www.ingalls.org/Pain-Management.aspx Pain Center - Pain Management - Ingalls - Our pain management specialists relieve pain in all areas of the body including the head and neck, joints, hips, abdomen.
  • http://www.ingalls.org/Behavioral-Health.aspx Behavioral Health Services - Mental Health - Ingalls - Ingalls Behavioral Health is committed to providing quality, therapeutic behavioral health treatment for our patients and their families.
  • http://www.ingalls.org/Inpatient-Adult-Care.aspx Inpatient Psychiatric Care - Ingalls - Our adult inpatient program offers a safe, supportive, and therapeutic environment managed by our treatment team.
  • http://www.ingalls.org/Addictions.aspx Illinois Institute For Addiction Recovery - Ingalls - The Institute treats individuals who are fighting alcohol, drug, gambling, sex, Internet and/or other addictions.
  • http://www.ingalls.org/Adolescent.aspx Adolescent Group Therapy and Psychiatric - Ingalls - Adolescent programs including Adolescent Group Therapy and Adolescent Inpatient Psychiatric Hospitalization.
  • http://www.ingalls.org/intensive-outpatient-program.aspx Behavioral Health - Intensive Outpatient Program - Ingalls - For those struggling with depression, stress, anxiety, or chronic medical conditions, or those who are experiencing impacts from a neurological disease.
  • http://www.ingalls.org/Cancer-Care.aspx Newly Diagnosed With Cancer - Ingalls - At Ingalls, we take your cancer care personally. We identify your cancer's unique signature and find the most appropriate way to treat it.
  • http://www.ingalls.org/Cancer-Newly-Diagnosed.aspx Newly Diagnosed With Cancer - Ingalls - We understand that fighting cancer is a journey. So we work with each patient to connect them to the best resources, here or anywhere, to fight their cancer.
  • http://www.ingalls.org/Cancer-Research.aspx Cancer Clinical Trials - Cancer Research - Ingalls - At Ingalls Cancer Care, our clinical trial patients are among the first to benefit from new therapies.
  • http://www.ingalls.org/Cancer-Technology-and-Treatment.aspx IMRT - IGRT - PET/CT - RFA - SIRT - Ingalls - Our patients enjoy the best cancer treatment technology available including IMRT, IGRT, PET/CT scanning, digital mammography, and more.
  • http://www.ingalls.org/cancer-rehabilitation.aspx Cancer Rehabilitation Program - Ingalls - The Ingalls S.T.A.R. Cancer Rehab Program is a new set of resources to help you minimize cancer’s effect in your life.
  • http://www.ingalls.org/OutpatientInfusionCenter.aspx Cancer & Non-Cancer Infusion Services - Ingalls - For patients who require frequent infusions or injections of medications, Ingalls offers comprehensive outpatient infusion services at three locations.
  • http://www.ingalls.org/LungsforLife.aspx Lung Cancer Screening CT Scan - Ingalls - If you are a current smoker or former smoker, you may be eligible for a unique, life-saving way of screening for cancer before there are any symptoms.
  • http://www.ingalls.org/videos/26383214 Videos - Cancer Care at Ingalls - Ingalls - A comprehensive overview of Ingalls Cancer Care technologies and team approaches to treatment.
  • http://www.ingalls.org/Heart-and-Vascular.aspx Heart and Vascular Care - Ingalls - Our heart and vascular services cover emergency care, diagnostic examination, treatment and rehabilitation, with board-certified cardiologists.
  • http://www.ingalls.org/Ingalls-Integrated-Heart-Care-Center.aspx Ingalls Integrated Heart Care Center - Ingalls - At the Ingalls Integrated Heart Care Center, we offer the latest technological diagnostic techniques; so you can know your risk of heart disease
  • http://www.ingalls.org/Heart-and-Vascular-stroke.aspx Stroke Treatment and Diagnosis - Stroke Center - Ingalls - Ingalls developed its Stroke Center to increase awareness of stroke symptoms and prevention – and to diagnose and treat stroke patients as quickly as possible.
  • http://www.ingalls.org/Heart-and-Vascular-Leg-Veins.aspx Varicose Veins Treatment - Leg Vein Treatment - Ingalls - Ingalls Vein Clinic offers laser vein ablation, ambulatory phlebectomy, injection sclerotherapy, veinwave therapy and other services for treating leg vein conditions.
  • http://www.ingalls.org/Heart-and-Vascular-Diabetes.aspx Diabetes Center - Diabetes Treatment - Ingalls Flossmoor - The Ingalls Outpatient Diabetes Management Center specializes in treating patients with Type 1, Type 2, gestational and pre-diabetes.
  • http://www.ingalls.org/Home-Care-and-Hospice.aspx Home Care - Hospice Care - Ingalls - You can feel comfortable knowing that Ingalls Home, Hospice and Private Duty Care is certified by Medicare Joint Commission’s Home Care Accreditation Program.

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    I think the best feature is that it unplugs from the cord at the base, so you don't have to unplug it from the wall to dump out the water and wipe it down.

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    I did a lot of research, as most do, when spending this much on a stroller for my toddler and new baby. I was very excited when we got this stroller because of all that it promises. Unfortunately i could not be more disappointed. This stroller is the worst $700 i have ever spent but now i am stuck with it and i hate it more every time i have to use it. I wish so bad that i would have went with a BOB double or a phil and teds. As others have noted it is NOT equipped to handle 2 children. Honestly i do not even know that it is good for one child. When just my toddler rides in the top if he leans at all in one direction the stroller pulls really hard in that direction. My husband is the jogger and he refuses to jog with this stroller. He said it is more of a pain than it is worth and would rather use a regular/non-jogging stroller than this one. When a taller child rides in the bottom of the stroller the sun shade is constantly in his or her face. I do not mean a really tall or above average height toddler. I mean a average height 2 year old. We were not concerned with how small the stroller folds down since we have a large SUV. However this stroller is so HEAVY and awkward to try to pick up and get out of my SUV. Being a mom i want to be able to do this by myself. It is possible but i look like a fool getting my butt kicked by a stroller. I would not recommend this stroller to anyone for any purpose in mind.

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    On the surface, Capt. Trimmer's book would appear to the casual reader to simply be a treatise on maritime safety, and thus, beyond reproach. For those of you waiting for the movie, NO SPOILERS here, but on closer examination, I can't help but think this is simply another attempt of the Anti-Huge Ship movement to promote their extremist agenda.

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    The product is working for my type of hair loss but causes my skin to peel. I've had two barbers refuse me thinking I have infection. I have stopped use. Friends and neighbors were asking me about my disease, which was infact my scalp peeling.


    This is a godsend! I've purchased two just for my house alone. One to keep in the travel bag and one hooked up and ready to go on the vacuum cleaner hose. Whoever thinks the bulb syringe is superior to this is CRAZY in the head. My daughter doesn't put up a fight or cry when I use this Baby Vac on her. If I get anywhere near her with the old school bulb syringe, she goes ballistic. The constant flow of suction that is gentle but effective on baby is sooooooooooo awesome. It's fast. It works. Baby can breathe = means everyone else gets to sleep well. As a mom, sleep is a luxury that we don't get too often with a newborn/infant. So if using this gets my daughter to breathe/be happy/fall back asleep faster, then by all means take my money lol. This momma needs some shut eye too. Thank the stars for whomever decided this would be a great invention. You are a genius!