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  • LUCKYTROUBLE - Awesomeness

    It's awesome, good guns, good graphics, good game and it's FREE!!! It's well worth it. Go get it, like now.

  • W. FORD - Works good except for update

    Last year I bought the 2013 version. It worked great except for the update feature. That always locked up my computer with a server busy error due to too many tcp/ip ports in use. I just made sure to shut down my web browser before manually updating.

  • R.Sue - Decent compilation

    Some good stories, some just ok. Worth reading if you like this series, but if you haven't read previous additions I recommend the 2010 edition.

  • L. A. Duran - A little overhyped

    I suffered from what I believe was a chronic yeast overgrowth. My Kaiser docs were less than useless in diagnosing the problem. After multiple diabetes, B12 deficiency, CBC and more tests that were all negative, I decided to take matters into my hands by trying ThreeLac. While I can't say that all my problems disappeared overnight, they reduced in intensity fairly quickly and after 4 months using ThreeLac (1 - 3 doses a day depending on intensity of symptoms) I can say that I am back to 80% health. It took a lot more time and money than what other reviewers have claimed but it is the one product that has seemed to do some temporary good. I also combined this with a greatly sugar reduced diet from the book "Feast without Yeast" to achieve results. Still this isn't a cure for my symptoms.

  • Happy Mom - great scenes, wouldn't suggest the projector.

    This projector is not at all bright and not the best interface. I would recommend something else. I got a 2500 lumen projector for $155 on Amazon that works very well. The scenes that come with this are great, and I have ordered more digital images and screen material. Just not a fan of this projector kit. Temper mental with using the USB reader. This has to be used in absolute darkness to see it and is not very good quality picture.

  • Carolyn11 - love it!

    I've always wanted to try Wen, but haven't because of the price. So naturally when I saw Hair One, at a fraction of the price... I didn't hesitate to buy it!

  • Carol S Williams - Beautiful Swarovski crystal snowflake ornament- I collect them and they ...

    Beautiful Swarovski crystal snowflake ornament- I collect them and they look beautiful on my Christmas tree. Arrived promptly and in perfect condition.