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IceRobotics heat detection & health monitoring sensors - IceRobotics is the world's leading developer and provider of data collection and analysis products for monitoring dairy cow behaviour.

  • http://www.icerobotics.com/products/ IceRobotics Products - Leg sensors & systems for monitoring animal & cow behaviour, health & fertility. IceTag, IceQube, IceManager, CowAlert. Trusted by farmers & researchers.
  • http://www.icerobotics.com/research/ IceRobotics Research Projects - Our products are trusted by animal behaviour researchers across the world. Discover some of the research projects that our technologies have supported.
  • http://www.icerobotics.com/research/dasie/ The DASIE Project - IceRobotics - IceRobotics, with Harper Adams University, Kingshay and Müller are proud partners in the Dairy Animal Sensor Integrated Engineering project (DASIE).
  • http://www.icerobotics.com/about-us/ About IceRobotics - Founded in 2002, IceRobotics is the world’s leading developer and provider of data collection and analysis products for monitoring dairy cow behaviour.
  • http://www.icerobotics.com/support/ IceRobotics Support - Our team of product experts are just a phone call away if you have any questions. How do sensors record data? Can I use sensors on any other animals?
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  • Kendra F - LOVE IT

    I bought the 2.5" SleekEZ and I have fallen in love with it. Exactly as shown. My cat loves it and will sit and let me brush her with it. When I got the product I was scared to use it because the blade looks sharp like it would scratch her but it doesn't. Oh and if you use it with the cat laying on you Be prepared to get covered in cat hair!

  • Jonathan Bellino - The GFCI button only kinda works.

    Overall this is an awesome tester with one exception. The GFCI button only kinda works. The button only works when you wiggle and tap it several times. Its not the worst tester I have owned but I will probably be picking up a different one soon and keeping this one as a spare.

  • inspector gadget - Mr number works

    I've had mr. number for about a year and it works absolutely flawless don't hesitate it blocks spam and unwanted calls.

  • C.S.Harper - Works great in my garden

    I have a lot of cannis lilies that need trimmed weekly as well as palms, and rose bushes. These shears are perfect for trimming. They snip easily with not much effort even the larger branches on my rose bushes. These seriously have cut the time I spend trimming them in half.

  • Bekks - This book started me on a path to improved health

    My new doctor thought I might be glucose intolerant and suggested I do some research on the topic. I headed for Amazon.com and purchased this book within a few days of my doctor's appointment. As I read through the book, discovering I had all the characteristics of being insulin-resistant, I began to make some of the changes discussed- choosing foods that were on the lower end of the glycemic scale, limiting myself to no more than 30 grams of carbohydrate per meal, linking carbs with protein, waiting 3 hours between meals before consuming anything with carbohydrates, and eating 5 meals per day instead of 3. My goal was to feel better as I felt tired and sluggish a lot. At my next doctor's appointment (3 weeks after the first), I was feeling much better and.... I had lost 7 lbs. without even trying to lose anything! I was merely putting into practice some of the suggestions I had read to help me get rid of feeling so tired and sluggish. As time went on, I felt better and better and had renewed energy. My doctor even said I was all smiles and my eyes glowed. And the weight loss? At a return appointment three weeks after the first, another 7 lbs. were off, and 3 more weeks after that I had lost another 5. Combining this healthier eating plan with exercise, I feel fantastic! I no longer have that mid-afternoon slump, have come off caffeine (except for one cup on Saturday and Sunday mornings), and have more energy than I ever thought possible! I have also lost 30 lbs. in 4 months, gone down 2 clothing sizes, and have even won a Presidential Physical Fitness Award. I am never hungry and I know I can eat this healthier way forever. You don't have to count points like some diet programs and write everything down- who can do that for the rest of their lives? I am working towards another Presidential Physical Fitness Award and am very thankful my doctor put me on the right path to regaining my health and fitness. All I know is this book made a big difference in my life and whenever anyone asks me about my weight loss and energy, I enthusiatically share with them this book which put everything in perspective and helped me improve my health so drastically!

  • rea1016 - This song rocks!!!

    After a horrible day at work, I heard this song on the radio and it was very cathartic!!! So if anyone has done you wrong this song needs to be your anthem!!!

  • Mary Anne - Most comfortable shoes I've bought in a while

    Awesome shoe, just one complaint: since the tongue is completely attached to the shoe, it's hard for someone with high arches to put on and take off. But it's totally worth it in my opinion. These shoes are so comfy and lightweight and easy to wear all day.