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  • Amazon Customer - Good buy

    This was a great buy, the volume is what I espected considering only one ear peice and I worked out in it and it didn't fall out.. The only reason way I made it a 4 star and not 5 is that if in too long it hurts my ear .....

  • C. Heisten - wish I had saved my money now

    so many bugs. Got new computer to replace XP and had to pick up a new Outlook. Now I can't figure out how to get my older Outlook files to this one as all .pst import export functions are, by MS admission not working properly and they corrupt the files so it won't open at all. Then I cannot write a longer note or walk away and return to finish a note because auto-save apparently has a bug that then gives an error message...so you have to copy paste into a new email. They changed the features much that it is not the useful program it used to be. I have been using this since early in 2014 and frankly if i weren't used to it and had known about the bugs I would just use my servers email program. MS is not fixing the bugs. As long as they sell the software apparently they don't care. Why oh why did they ruin it!!! I loved my older version!!!


    I really enjoyed this book! Her name was familiar - mostly because of the Burt Bacharach connection - but otherwise I knew nothing about her. The writing is honest and real and totally non-pretentious. It felt like a conversation between friends.

  • Gracie - Great for coarse curls

    This stuff is fantastic. It is the perfect detangler. Just for Me detangler smells heavenly. The pump disperses the detangler evenly. The detangler works great. The snarls come out great.


    This is one of the better purchases we have made in a long time. My husband always comes home and wants to quickly cool off one of his craft beers so he sticks it in the freezer and sets the timer for 1 hour. With this cooler, it is the perfect temperature in just a few minutes. This has saved us so many times when entertaining and we need to cool off a bottle of white wine, etc. Great for gifts, I really can't say enough great stuff about the Cooper Cooler!