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Natural Health Clinic Auckland for Nutrition & Herbal Medicine - Natural health clinic in Mt Albert in Auckland. Work with Sharon Erdrich, functional medicine and digestive health specialist, to get your health on track.

  • http://www.houseofhealth.co.nz/qualified-natural-health-practitioners/ House of Health Practitioner- Naturopath, Nutritionist, Massage - At House of Health, your wellbeing is our priority. Work with a qualified practitioner. We have a range of natural health options to support you.
  • http://www.houseofhealth.co.nz/qualified-natural-health-practitioners/sharon-erdrich/ Sharon Erdrich Naturopath, Medical Herbalist, Nutritionist, NZRN, MHSc, - Sharon Erdrich Naturopath, NZRN & MHSc, can support you with diet, nutrition, herbal medicine, functional medicine and more. Make an appointment today.
  • http://www.houseofhealth.co.nz/qualified-natural-health-practitioners/lynda-schoen/ Lynda Schoen Clinical Nutritionist (DipNut) to Support Your Health - Lynda Schoen clinical nutritionist can support you with your health goals using diet, nutrition and functional testing. Make an appointment today.
  • http://www.houseofhealth.co.nz/services/naturopathy/ Find out how Naturopathy can Help You. Leading Naturopath in Auckland - Naturopathy uses a combination of traditional healing practices and modern understanding of human function to promote health & healing.
  • http://www.houseofhealth.co.nz/services/weight-loss/ Weight Loss by Burning Body Fat & Learning About Skinny Foods. - Our philosophy for weight loss is to support you to make positive dietary choices and changes to facilitate your goal. Make an appointment today.
  • http://www.houseofhealth.co.nz/services/testing/breath-tests/ Breath tests for SIBO, a cause of gut dysfunction & IBS - Breath tests for SIBO can be done in the comfort of your home. Hydrogen and methane gases are only made by bacteria. Do you have SIBO underlying your IBS?
  • http://www.houseofhealth.co.nz/services/testing/body-composition-analysis/ Body Composition Analysis to Determine your Fat-Lean Ratio - Body composition analysis (BIA) is an accurate & painless method of determining body fat%. Our nutritionists can support you to achieve your goals.Book now.

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  • vhrules - great charger

    I purchased this to charge my Energizer C batteries for my cat's new toy which takes 3 C size batteries. It works well, but it does take a few hours to charge 5 at once. That's the only thing that's a bummer. I've only been using it for a few weeks, but it serves the purpose.

  • Samantha Matthew - So I have read numerous reviews on how awesome this product

    So I have read numerous reviews on how awesome this product, i decided that i was going to try it. Sorry guys i was so excited to try it out that I forgot to take before pictures so posting after pictures doesn't really make much sense, but i can tell you that this this is nothing short of AMAZING!. I did as instructed, soaked my feet before putting on the booties, I then put on some socks over it since i read some where that the heat actually helps. and i relaxed, played a few games on my tab. at about an hour and 10 mins ( i lost track of the time ),i removed the booties washed off my feet and went to bed. during the next 4 days after i was almost discourage, because it seems like business as usual, then on the 5th day,i soaked my feet and then VOILA! SKIN!!!! i was like a kid opening a new toy, skin skin disgusting peeling skin :) yayy!!! and the days ahead, i looked forward to the soaking and the peeling!!!, i would wake up and at the feet of my bed would be covered in dry dead skin, and what remained was soft feet :)!!!!!!!!!!!! no more cracked feet. I LOOOOOOVED IT. I wanna give 10 stars but unfortunately i can only give 5.. i'm already looking forward to a next treatment, but this did so much of a good job its definitely going to take a while before i get to use it again.

  • Angus - Hype Confirmed

    I have wanted to review this product for several days now, but I wanted to feel as if I had truly tested this device. Why? Well this mouse makes some rather bold claims such as, "faster than a wired mouse". I also wanted to do a lengthy test so that I could test the true fidelity of the wireless connection between the dongle, and the mouse. So far, after using this mouse for a little more than a week in games like Battlefield 4, Arma 3, CSGO, and several others I can say with almost complete certainty that Logitech hasn't been selling tall tales.