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Country:, Europe, DE

City: 7.0202 Saarland, Germany

  • Tleapierce - Works great!

    This stuff worked great! My best friend and I got matching tattoos when she came to visit. We both used it. We had planned on her to go first but because she was getting something else they had me go first. Needless to say, I didn't have it on but only 45 minutes. It still worked great! I didn't feel a thing.. It was totally worth it!

  • Tinker05 - Works good.

    This product works but it emptied out very fast, and also it does not get rid of the roach problem long-term, but short-term is wonderful.

  • LongTimeUser - Webroot is as slow as molasses on a hot day!

    I DON'T RECOMMEND PURCHASING THE SOFTWARE WEBROOT. I don't have the original software information of book or know how to access it because it came with the Dell Laptop i5 which is a company laptop. When the webroot was loaded on the laptop it ran as SLOW AS MOLASSES ON A HOT DAY! It was worse than Norton 360 and QuarkXpress software ran soooooo slooow I nearly fell as asleep waiting to access the program. SEVERAL TIMES THE SOFTWARE STOPPED WORKING...CRASHED. This may be typical of antivirus software of this nature but I wouldn't not waste my time or personal money on the software and wouldn't suggest any one else waste their money unless they have knowledge and experience. If it wasn't a company laptop I wouldn't have it on the pc at all.

  • Diane Shaneyfelt - Good

    This is a pretty good book for quick review. The CEN exam is very practical and you can get some practical pearls here. I suggest doing a little more review on cardiovascular, respiratory & shock than this book offers, but many books out there are far too in depth for the CEN exam. (Not hard. You'll do fine! :)