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Home - Department of Urban Archaeology in the City of London (1973 - 1991) and beyond: The Archaeology and the Archaeologists.

  • http://www.hobleysheroes.co.uk/from-the-elephant-man-to-bedlam From the Elephant Man to Bedlam - Excavation by Dick Malt and his team at Broad Street Station, Liverpool Street (LSS85)

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  • Elemental - Great Mirror!

    Awesome? yup! his is the best baby mirror ever. When I first received it I thought the installation look complicated, but it was really easy. It actually pivots on its holder so you can position it to the exact spot you need it in and it stays there. I have had other ones that moved or because of the way you installed them you couldn't ever position then right. This one is awesome. It not only stays in position, but it is also large enough that I can see my daughters whole body not just his face. I also love that it adjust to the headrest with straps, so it fits in every vehicle we use. I highly recommend this product : )

  • Picky Girl - Seriously great vacuum - even handles construction dust!

    I find it very strange to say I love a vacuum, but I do. I purposely waited a few months to make sure it didn't break right away or have other issues before I posted my review. This vacuum is amazing. We are remodeling our house and everything gets coated with a layer of fine dust. The Shark does a great job and so far is still working great. We also did the test where we used another vacuum and then went over the same area with the Shark. It was amazing how much more this vacuum picked up! I feel like I'd been living with really dirty carpets before. It also does a great job with pet hair and switches from hardwood or tile floors to carpet and does an equally quality job on each. We have a 3 story house and are going to buy a Shark for each floor. Highly recommend.

  • J. P. McVicker - Excellent non-drying cleanser

    My hair has gotten curlier as I've gotten older, and I've tried lots of different regimens over the years to get it to behave. I have an oily scalp and dry, fine 3A hair. This "shampoo" is a godsend; it cleans my scalp without overdrying, and doesn't strip moisture from my hair. I use it daily, along with One Condition. When I'm feeling ambitious, I also use the Curl Cream and Light Defining Gel. Basically the whole line of Deva Curl products works great for me.

  • Douglas B. Keith - Hard to find

    Couldn't fin them n the store my mom gets a lot of bladder infections nice to have so many on hand these are awesome as it helps the burning and urgency in wanting to go so often can't use them when giving a sample of urine to doctor

  • Books And Spoons - Dark and eerie tale

    For the very last moments, this story is filled with danger, action, history, and romance. It is addictively alluring with the intriguing characters, both dead and alive, and the murder mysteries, that seem to come too close to home for the brave heroine.

  • Alfredo R. - 1 TV Box is a great option for those looking for something small and nice ...

    The Nansii T95N Mini MX+ Android 5.1 TV Box is a great option for those looking for something small and nice as a media center device. It is perfect for travel, I first use it at a hotel in a job trip. It has a quad core CPU to handle HD video and comes pre-loaded with Kodi for all your streaming media needs. The included remote has dedicated shortcut keys for common tasks and a mode that allows it to be used as a mouse/pointer. The included WiFi allows you to connect to a wireless network or you can plug an network cable right in the back of the box. The device also has 2 USB ports, Ethernet, HDMI, AV, and a TF memory card slot all in a tiny package that fits in the palm of your hand. Overall, I am very happy with this media center device and would recommend it to others.