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  • http://www.hillcrestbhs.com/about/ About | Hill Crest Behavioral Health - About Us Hill Crest Behavioral Health Services is the only free-standing, full-service psychiatric hospital in the Birmingham area. Our campus-like setting
  • http://www.hillcrestbhs.com/about/a-message-from-our-ceo/ Message from our CEO | Hill Crest Behavioral Health - Welcome to our Hill Crest Behavioral Health Services' website. Thank you for your interest in gaining more information about Hill Crest’s treatment programs and
  • http://www.hillcrestbhs.com/about/our-team/ Our Team | Hill Crest Behavioral Health - Our staff consists of a variety of mental health professionals. Our doctors have experience in child and adolescent psychiatry, with years of experience
  • http://www.hillcrestbhs.com/about/mission-statement/ Mission Statement | Hill Crest Behavioral Health - Hill Crest Behavioral Services will provide the highest quality, comprehensive mental healthcare to children, adolescents and adults through our innovative
  • http://www.hillcrestbhs.com/about/action-alliance-partnership/ Action Alliance Partnership | Hill Crest Behavioral Health - The National Action Alliance for Suicide Prevention (Action Alliance), a public-private partnership, has partnered with Hill Crest Behavioral Health, to
  • http://www.hillcrestbhs.com/about/pay-your-bill/ Pay Your Bill | Hill Crest Behavioral Health - Please fill out the form below to make a secure payment to Hill Crest Behavioral Health. Note the First Name and Last Name should be the payer responsible for
  • http://www.hillcrestbhs.com/programs/ Programs | Hill Crest Behavioral Health - Hill Crest serves children, adolescents, and adults suffering from mental illness, emotional problems and behavioral issues. A no-cost assessment is completed
  • http://www.hillcrestbhs.com/programs/for-children/ For Children | Hill Crest Behavioral Health -   Hill Crest Behavioral Health Services offers a highly structured, multidisciplinary approach Child Program (ages 5-12) experiencing difficulties
  • http://www.hillcrestbhs.com/programs/for-adolescents/ For Adolescents | Hill Crest Behavioral Health - Hill Crest Behavioral Health Services offers a highly structured, multidisciplinary approach Adolescent Program (ages 12-18) for adolescents who are unable to
  • http://www.hillcrestbhs.com/programs/for-adults/ For Adults | Hill Crest Behavioral Health - Hill Crest Behavioral Health Services in South Birmingham, AL, offers a highly structured, multidisciplinary approach Adult Program (ages 18 years and older)
  • http://www.hillcrestbhs.com/programs/acute-services/ Acute Services | Hill Crest Behavioral Health - Hill Crest follows a whole health approach when treating mental illness. The whole health approach uses virtually every aspect of the patient's life as
  • http://www.hillcrestbhs.com/programs/residential-treatment-center/ Residential Treatment Center | Hill Crest Behavioral Health - Hill Crest Behavioral Health Services offers residential treatment for adolescents (ages 12 - 17) from Alabama and other states in need of long-term treatment,
  • http://www.hillcrestbhs.com/programs/group-homes/ Group Homes | Hill Crest Behavioral Health - Hill Crest Behavioral Health Services offers a Group Home Program (ages 11–19) for those who are unable to maintain placement at home, or in a foster home, but
  • http://www.hillcrestbhs.com/programs/outpatient-programs/ Outpatient Programs | Hill Crest Behavioral Health - Hill Crest Associates provides outpatient mental health services designed to meet the needs of individuals, couples, and families within the community. We are
  • http://www.hillcrestbhs.com/programs/therapy-treatments/ Therapy / Treatments | Hill Crest Behavioral Health - Recreational Therapy (RT) The Recreational Therapy program (Adjunctive Therapy) is a systematic process utilizing recreation and other activity-based
  • http://www.hillcrestbhs.com/programs/school-curriculum/ School Curriculum | Hill Crest Behavioral Health - Higdon Hill School, a division of Hill Crest Behavioral Health Services, is a private, residential, state-supported school located in Birmingham, AL that
  • http://www.hillcrestbhs.com/admissions/ Admissions | Hill Crest Behavioral Health - The Intake Department at Hill Crest provides a no–cost, confidential assessment seven days a week. All admissions are based on clinical necessity. We cannot
  • http://www.hillcrestbhs.com/admissions/what-to-bring-what-not-to-bring/ What to Bring / What Not to Bring | Hill Crest Behavioral Health - What to Bring ❖ Clothing: Acute Services: 3-5 day supply of casual, comfortable clothing is recommended; Residential Treatment: 7-10 day supply of casual,
  • http://www.hillcrestbhs.com/admissions/frequently-asked-questions/ Frequently Asked Questions | Hill Crest Behavioral Health - Below are some frequently asked questions regarding Hill Crest Behavioral Health Services. If you require additional information or have questions not addressed
  • http://www.hillcrestbhs.com/admissions/visiting-hours/ Visiting Hours | Hill Crest Behavioral Health - Hill Crest’s visiting hours will be provided upon patient admission. Please call (205) 833-9000 for more information.
  • http://www.hillcrestbhs.com/resources-for-families/ Family Resources | Hill Crest Behavioral Health - Hill Crest Behavioral Health Services provides additional resources for families, including a list of Behavioral Health Warning Signs as well as helpful links
  • http://www.hillcrestbhs.com/resources-for-families/behavioral-health-warning-signs/ Behavioral Health Warning Signs | Hill Crest Behavioral Health - The following are signs that you or your loved one may want to speak with a behavioral health professional: In Adults ❖ Confused thinking ❖
  • http://www.hillcrestbhs.com/resources-for-families/helpful-links/ Helpful Links | Hill Crest Behavioral Health - ❖ NAMI, the National Alliance on Mental Illness, is the nation’s largest grassroots mental health organization dedicated to building better lives for the
  • http://www.hillcrestbhs.com/careers/ Careers | Hill Crest Behavioral Health - Hill Crest Behavioral Health Services is an equal opportunity employer. We are committed to creating a corporate culture which promotes integrity as a
  • http://www.hillcrestbhs.com/contact/ Contact | Hill Crest Behavioral Health - Located in Birmingham, Hill Crest Behavioral Health Center is easily accessible via automobile or train. 6869 Fifth Avenue South Birmingham, AL 35212 Click
  • http://www.hillcrestbhs.com/contact/contact-form/ Contact Form | Hill Crest Behavioral Health - Please use the form below to contact us for more information or questions regarding our psychiatric services only. For information about careers at Hill Crest,
  • http://www.hillcrestbhs.com/contact/directions/ Directions | Hill Crest Behavioral Health - From Birmingham: Hill Crest Hospital is located just off Oporto Madrid Boulevard north of and behind Eastwood Mall and Century Plaza. Follow Oporto Madrid

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