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  • Ron D - Strong adhesive strips

    These open your nasal passages and lets you breath much easier at night. I use these at bedtime and they are much stronger than the generic brands. They stay on all night without coming loose. Helps with my snoring...or so my girlfriend says.

  • Jim Spofford - What a piece of junk

    I finally upgraded after 7 years and am sorely disappointed in the new interface. I primarily use the keyboard to enter transactions into Quicken and Intuit has released a piece of software that I CANNOT believe passed basic user-interface testing. When switching between Quicken and another application and then back, Quicken shifts the focus to god only knows where, but it certainly is not in the field I was in before switching applications. This makes entering a transaction from an email, for example, excruciatingly difficult. All the extra money they must rake in by releasing a "new" version each year and they can't handle something a basic as common user interface rules . . . sad, sad, sad.

  • Karina - Wonderful!

    I have been using Instead cups for almost 15 years. I also use natural sea sponges when I know that I can wash them when they need changing. Instead is perfect for when I am traveling or unable to wash my sponges. I love not using tampons and having a string hanging out! I wear a panty liner on heavy days, just in case. If I use the bathroom frequently while wearing Instead, I don't have a problem with leaking. Blood will come out in the toilet, but that doesn't mean that it needs changing. I follow the manufacturers instructions for changing.

  • ANDREA1969 - For The Love Of The Game

    Disclaimer: I received this product of the " 2015-2016 NBA Sticker Collection" by Universal Specialties at a discount rate in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. All opinions are based on personal use and are not in any way influenced by the seller. Take your love for the game to class with this inspiring collection of the NBA Sticker collection. It includes 1 Sticker Album & 35 Stickers plus, 10 stickers included in the book itself. I gave this to my sister's son for "Halloween" this year (he is home sick and I thought that this would cheer him up) He is so infatuated with Basketball, that it made him almost forget about candy..lol! Great product for all ages to have fun either alone, with friends or, with family.