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  • Heidi D - We like the forehead better than the ear because my kids ...

    We just received the thermometer in the mail, as I was on the way to take 2 sick kids to the Dr. Needless to say I was able to put it in to action right away. Works perfectly right out of the box, so simple to use and to understand. We like the forehead better than the ear because my kids don't like anything in their ears when they don't feel well. Works great for us. Definitely would recommend.

  • Claire - it is good looking and strong

    it is good looking and strong, but as everyone else said, (1) the maneuverability is a disaster: my mom, my husband and myself all got wrist pain thanks to it! and I don't like the fact that (2) it does not allow baby to sit straight: once they get older babies don't like to lay back all the time and it is great struggle for them to try to sit straight without the proper back support, besides the straps pull them back whenever they try unless you make the straps really loose which then becomes insecure, therefore purchasing the tray may not be a good idea as babies can't really reach it and may become very frustrated. (3) I dont like the net part when it is in full recline position. it is good ventilation but not ideal for sleeping babies. I know you probably can cover it up with the extra bag thing, but why they design this way to give us extra work and the silly baggy looking. (4) it is NOT easy to change seat recline position: it is so hard that I basically give up. (5) the storage basket is NOTE easy to access and NOT large. (6) the rubber on the wheels are not durable: after just being out for a few times, they look badly worn.

  • Timothy B. Michael - A key author and textbook in financial management, for MBA students and professionals

    (Full Disclosure: As an undergrad many moons ago, my well-worn copy of this grad-level book was one of my most important possessions). As a teacher, I've used this book in class for many years in one form or another. It is the latest version of one of the most important books in this field. I consider it to be better than many of the other MBA-level financial management books for one reason or another so I continue to use it. However, I also recommend to my students the Schaums guide for financial management (by Shim and Seigel) so that they can have more problems to practice with in the more detail-oriented chapters. As a professional, you will find that your textbooks are important tools - this is a really good one to keep around long-term.

  • dwonsetler - The ability to import information from last year's return saves a great deal of time and insures accuracy

    I have use this product for 9 years as Tax Cut & later H&R Block. The ability to import information from last year's return saves a great deal of time and insures accuracy. It is designed for the average person, asking most of the necessary questions during the interview process. Once the interview process is completed the software performs a review and flags entries which may be in error or missing and allows you to input the appropriate corrections. E-filing takes little time and a confirmation is available from IRS normally within 24 hours. Since I live in a state with no state income tax I cannot comment on this feature.

  • ellamar - Try it, you'll love it.

    If you have never tried these Telma cubes in mushroom you are really missing out. I use them when making a pot of soup. Doesn't really matter what kind. You just have to know that you do not add salt until the soup is done otherwise it probably would be too salty. It just takes your soup to another dimension. Everyone that I tell about these cubes loves them. You can also use in other things but just must be careful about salt.

  • Jake Dino - I have had better electric razors than this one

    It's a decent product. I have had better electric razors than this one. I hate how you can't charge and shave at the same time. Also right out the box the razors don't seem that good. Doesn't get a really close shave like some other ones I have had.

  • Chad Brown - Great for removing mold from area rug

    I used this to remove a moldy smell from an area rug that my mom gave me. Previously I tried a carpet steamer, which got it clean but the moldy smell came back after a couple weeks. I applied this stuff let it sit outside to dry and the smell was gone!