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  • http://www.healthjolt.com/features/nadler/palpitations/ Palpitations | HealthJolt - Paul Nadler, MD San Francisco, California Associate Clinical Professor of Medicine University of California San Francisco Palpitations By Paul Nadler, MD Introduction Most of us are not aware of our heart beating steadily throughout the day, but sometimes our hearts can seem to “skip a beat.” It may happen when we narrowly miss hitting a car that r
  • http://www.healthjolt.com/features/deune/carpal-tunnel/ Carpal Tunnel Syndrome | HealthJolt - E. Gene Deune, MD Baltimore, Maryland Associate Professor Johns Hopkins Department of Orthopedic Surgery Carpal Tunnel Syndrome By E. Gene Deune, MD Introduction Carpal tunnel syndrome is one of the most common nerve entrapments in the upper extremity. The word “carpal” means wrist in Latin.
  • http://www.healthjolt.com/lasik/ LASIK | HealthJolt - Your LASIK decision should not be based on cost alone, but on what you get for what you pay.
  • http://www.healthjolt.com/features/heflin/alzheimers-disease/ Alzheimer's Disease | HealthJolt - Lara Heflin, PhD San Francisco, California UCSF Memory & Aging Center Neuropsychology Alzheimer's Disease By Bruce Miller, MD; Lara Heflin, PhD Introduction Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is a neurodegenerative disease—or a disease that causes progressive damage to brain cells leading to slow but relentless mental decline.
  • http://www.healthjolt.com/healthjolt/bee-buzz-saves-foot Bee Buzz Saves Foot | HealthJolt - When a sore on Catrina Hurlburt's leg would not heal with traditional oral antibiotics, her doctor suggested they try using topical honey. The patient, a borderline diabetic, had been suffering from cellulitis and staph infections for over eight months from injuries sustained in a car accident.
  • http://www.healthjolt.com/laser-hair-removal/ Laser Hair Removal | HealthJolt - The laser passes thru the skin to the hair follicle and the energy in the light is converted to heat, damaging the hair follicle and impairing it's ability to grow. Laser Hair Removal Definition Laser hair removal is a cosmetic procedure that permanently reduces the growth of hair in a selected body area thru the use of laser energy.
  • http://www.healthjolt.com/heart-disease/ Heart Disease | HealthJolt - Heart disease refers to any number of conditions that affects the normal structure or function of the heart muscle, heart valves, or blood vessels of the heart.
  • http://www.healthjolt.com/lap-band-surgery/ Lap Band Surgery | HealthJolt - Lap-Band Surgery is a treatment for obesity that helps individuals manage their hunger and control the amount of food they eat so they can lose weight.
  • http://www.healthjolt.com/preventive-health-care-children/ Preventive Health Care - Children | HealthJolt - Healthy children miss less school days and do better in school than sick children. Preventive Health Care for Children What is preventive health care? Preventive health care is medical attention that focuses on keeping children healthy.
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  • ekoppp - Great car seat: comfortable, well made, baby loves it, and looks great

    Great car seat. Bought this for our 1 year old and he loves it. He seems extremely comfortable in it, he takes longer naps in the car than he ever has before, and the seat itself is great looking and seems very well made / safe.

  • Carl - These hoses are amazing.

    I bought a couple 20 years ago, and they are as good today as they were then. I've bought a few other brands of hoses too, but they lasted only a few years. If you spread their price over the years, these hoses are actually cheaper. They are also more reliable. I often keep them under pressure for months without ever having a blow out. I own about 10 of them now. Nothing else.

  • P. Aston - Have to do a hard reset every time I charge

    If your Irulu isn't working stick a pen in the RESET hole on the back. My Irulu will at least come on till you charge or turn it off the next time. I bought the Irulu to travel and use WIFI on the planes and at the hotels without carrying a laptop. Bad idea. Internet and start up is S...L...O...W and retouching the screen often takes you somewhere else it it isn't caught up with your finger. It stopped working all together and wouldn't restart at all without doing a hard RESET every time I used it. I also have to RESET every time I charge. Customer service were available on line and had me reformat loosing all of the information I had on it and download a fix that didn't work TWICE. Slower games are OK once they are up and running. I have not tried on-line games with it. I like the screen and the feel of the tablet. I have not had any trouble with the charger. It does show videos off of my micro SD card OK so I still use it to show product videos at work but it is still not enough to make it worth getting. I just bought a different brand to replace it. Look at all of the negative customer reviews. It would have cost me less if I would have spent more money in the first place and got something more tried and true.