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  • david poulin - Stay away from AVAST. I had Avast a year ...

    Stay away from AVAST. I had Avast a year ago, had problems with my PC after installing an update, contacted avast, they hi-jacked my computer and want me to pay to fix it. I cancelled Avast brought my PC to be repaired. In December 2014 they emailed me about Auto Renew, I emailed them back and said absolutely do not Auto renew, they did anyway, cannot talk to a live person they hide behind the website. Waiting to hear from them, I am contacting my credit card company now. Beware of Avast.

  • Stephen in Plano - Awapuhi Shampoo is still the one

    I found this as a sample from one of my hotel stays and found it to be gentle, not too stinky, and cleans well. I find that it is gentle enough that I can use it every day. It makes me mad when I go to buy a product that I like, I find that it has been discontinued. I already purchased it again.

  • NatalieN - Works Great

    Works great! Snaps in nicely. Easy to use. And fits my chicco keyfit perfectly! No complaints! Great Product. I was a bit surprised by the straps that need to get attached but I guess any added safety is nice.

  • Billy Fielder - Good Product!

    These work great! I put two in my RV. One for each of my daughter's. I have them linked so they can play the same movie or different movies. Then I have them linked to our big system and we can enjoy the same movie on three screens. That is a very nice capability. Easy to install. Liking it so far!


    My wife and I own a 2000 Subaru Outback Wagon. It is a backup car with 125,000 miles on it. At 110,000 I had the clutch replaced and in order for this to happen the engine was removed. Replacing the Timing belt, rear main seal and the cam seal as well as replacing the water pump. I wish they had replaced the head gasket as well. As it turns out this is a Problem with all Subaru's of its age. Subaru even tells you to add Subaru sealant to your radiator! So I am driving to our hardware store that's only 10 miles away. On the trip home the temp gauge was in the red, I let it cool down and get a new Thermostat. Thermostats on a Subaru are on the bottom and you need to get a Subaru thermostat or a Stant exactstat, I went with a brand I know Stant. It overheats agin.Now my education into the world of Subaru begins. I went online and learn that Subaru has a long Known history of head gasket failure, it's a given for them and it's only a question of when. To replace a head gasket is a huge job, some say pull the engine and other say you can do this in place. No matter how I looked at it it was going to be too expensive to have it done vs. the cars book value. I could do it myself but it would be days of work and it requires a specialty tool that costs over $100. I drain the radiator and put Prestone radiator flush in and run it. I drained it and flushed the radiator with clean water. I find Blue Devil head gasket sealer on line. I saw lots of good reviews and some bad ones. I was afraid that I would have it not work, plug my radiator etc like some of the lower ratings say. I use it ACCORDING TO DIRRECTIONS. Radiator flushed out, thermostat removed I slowly poured it in, 30 seconds for half a bottle the radiator with the car running and the engine cold. I put on the radiator cap and ran it for the 50 min they recommend. First off the light smoke from the exhaust was gone so my hope was up but I still had doubt. Was this snake oil and I just fell for it but they offer a full refund if it does not work. The next day I fire the car up and let it idle for 20 minutes, temp was good. Next I went for the big drive down a highway going 60 mph in fourth gear to keep the rpm up high and turned on the AC. I stared at the temp like every 10 seconds at first. It never overheated, no more smoke from the exhaust. Blue Devil did what it said it would and fixed the head gasket. Heater works just fine as well, nothing clogged except the leak.

  • B.W. - More the basics, but very good and easy to follow!

    Most of the other books out there are for people who already have the basics of Civil 3D down. No issue there. With my long history of Land Development Desktop, I get the big picture. I get what the program can do. (Sometimes I feel like knowing LDD is actually a hindrance, as the Civil 3D process is radically different.) But, since I work alone I don't have the luxury of being able to pop my head over the cubicle wall and ask a co-worker a question when stumped, I just needed something that would give me a nudge in how to get to the desired end result given the difference in process that Civil 3D throws at you This book does that and has been, by far, the most help of the other books I have purchased on the subject.