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Home - Health & Ed 4 Nepal - Health & Ed 4 Nepal Mission: A non profit organization to build a medical hospital in Kumari. Health and Education for Nepal work to improve the condition of Nepal Children.

  • http://www.healthanded4nepal.org/health/ Health and Education for Nepal - Medical Clinic in Kumari and Women's health - Health and Education for Nepal - Building a Medical Clinic in Kumari Nepal, Helping with Women's Health, Children Health, and health Education in Nepal. Sponsoring Medical Missions
  • http://www.healthanded4nepal.org/education/ Education in nepal, Sponsor a child or Medical Student - A non profit to Help with Education in nepal, Scholarships for Medical Student. Built Women's training center, building a Library, Bring Water, Electricity toilets to the school. Education for Women's health issues.
  • http://www.healthanded4nepal.org/about/jagats-story/ Jagat Lama Helping people in Nepal - Jagat Lama Helping people in Nepal. Helping with education, Medical Hospital, Bringing Electricity, water and hope.
  • http://www.healthanded4nepal.org/blog/ Medical Mission Health & Ed 4 Nepal - - Medical Mission of Health & Ed 4 Nepal to bring better Health and Education in and for nepal. The Medical Mission supported by Volunteer Doctors, Nurses and support staff. Supported by a local Medical hospital.

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  • Ipadreader - Not acurate at all and if you call company support they never return the call? Bad product with no support.

    My blood pressure was always high at the Dr office so I bought this for regular readings outside his office. The Ihealth readings were always saying my pressure was normal. Because Ihealth kept track of my readings (the major reason I bought it) I brought my IPhone to the Dr's office so he could evaluate the results.

  • the_big_cuban - Best drawing program for the money

    My review is from the perspective of a professional artist in the entertainment industry. I first used Sketchbook when I purchased a tablet PC a few years back to take full advantage of the tablet's capabilities. I was blown away by the drawing interface and how natural it felt. I have used Photoshop and Painter extensively and was really impressed at just how much better it was to draw using Sketchbook. With this new version running on a MacbookPro and a cintiq I am even more impressed with the new tool set and capabilities. For illustrating, doodling, making visual notes, storyboards.... this is my preferred tool. I still use photoshop for more complex color work, but since Sketchbook exports and opens PSD files they work great together. Autodesk has really created a simple but effective tool for artists which is very easy to navigate. I highly recommend this program for professionals as well as students. This is the best program for drawing I have ever used.

  • R. Bruce McCreary - Pseudo science garbage

    Earthing or grounding has been around as a quack cure for over 25 years. I tried it over 20 years ago to no effect whatsoever, despite having electrical sensitivity.

  • ckc59 - Great value.

    The machine is adjustable and comfortable, even for shorter people. It has smooth pedals. I would recommend for anyone that needs some activity to maintain health and/or weight.

  • Non-Partisan Viewer - Perfect Compliment To My "24" Action Playsets

    I have to admit, like others who purchased this item, I wasn't really impressed by the pictures of this playset. However, because I am in such a need for a completely unecessary toy, I had to purchase it. In case you do not know, this toy is not ATA approved and should not be mistaken for the real thing. However, the blank stares and in-action of the security staff will make you feel like you are waiting in line at a real airport security checkpoint!

  • E. Korzenko - Amazing results

    Besides enjoying it straight out of the jar, I also applied the honey to my face after shower, and then washed it off after a few hours. My skin became glowy and smooth, and I also noticed less breakouts, it's like it instantly heals everything. I am amazed. I wonder how it is going to be after a week or so? I probably won't have to apply foundation anymore to cover the unwanted spots, the skin will become perfect naturally.

  • Joey Maness - Complete let down :(

    To the manufacturer; Thank you for making complete and total CRAP. Not only did you waste my time, you wasted the time of my customers that had to wait for me to write a receipt.