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Healing Lotus Acupuncture - Licensed & Board Certified Acupuncturist | Quad Cities Moline - Licensed and board certified acupuncture specialist in the Quad Cities, Moline, IL. We provide individualized health care for a wide variety of health conditions.

  • http://www.healinglotus.co/about-us.html Healing Lotus Acupuncture - About Us | Quad Cities Moline - Healing Lotus Acupuncture - Licensed & board certified acupuncture specialist. Healing Lotus Acupuncture provides acupuncture and other therapeutic services to patients with a wide variety of health conditions. Individualized and compassionate healthcare located in the Quad Cities
  • http://www.healinglotus.co/what-makes-us-unique.html Acupuncture | What Makes Us Unique? | Quad Cities, Moline - Healing Lotus Acupuncture - What makes Healing Lotus Acupuncture unique? Instead of prolonging disease like Western medicine, we treat the root cause in order to improve your quality of life.
  • http://www.healinglotus.co/meet-scott.html Licensed & Board Certified Acupuncturist | Quad Cities, Moline, IL - Healing Lotus Acupuncture - Looking for a licensed & board certified acupuncture specialist? Located in the Quad Cities, Moline, IL., Scott specializes in pain, internal medicine, & fertility.
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  • http://www.healinglotus.co/tcm-history.html TCM History | Healing Lotus Acupuncture | Quad Cities, Moline - Healing Lotus Acupuncture - Want to know more about Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) history? Click here to learn about the accomplishments of this incredible system of medicine, including such topics as: Acupuncture, herbs, bronze age technology, etc. . . .
  • http://www.healinglotus.co/tcm-theory.html TCM Theory - Healing Lotus Acupuncture - TCM Theories: Qi Theory, Yin and Yang Theory, Meridian Theory and Five Element Theory.
  • http://www.healinglotus.co/tcm-modalities.html TCM Modalities - Healing Lotus Acupuncture - Brief desciptions of TCM Modalities like: acupuncture, Chinese herbal therapy, Chinese food therapy, guasha, qi gong, tui na, etc..
  • http://www.healinglotus.co/tcm-masters.html TCM Masters - Healing Lotus Acupuncture - TCM Masters is dedicated to giving the biographies of the men who helped shape Traditional Chinese Medicine. Discover how TCM was shaped by the methods of these pioneers who were hundreds of years ahead of the West in the diagnosis and treatment of disea
  • http://www.healinglotus.co/conditions-treated.html Conditions Treated - Healing Lotus Acupuncture - Acupuncture and Eastern Medicine have been found to be effective as a treatment for the following medical conditions.
  • http://www.healinglotus.co/lifestyle-programs.html Weight Loss | Smoking Cessation | Nueropathy | Healing Lotus Acupuncture | Quad Cities moline - Healing Lotus Acupuncture - Are you looking to make healthy changes to your life? Learn about our integrative programs that combine the best of Eastern & Western medicine!
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  • Luis Fernando Aguilar - Totally worked

    There are a lot of biased reviews on here giving it one star because they failed their drug test, or because it failed to cleanse their System to pass a drug test days later. So let me remind us all it will cleanse your body of toxins but will only mask and or hide THC in your system for a few precious hours. That being said, *** This is a 420 announcement***


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