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Healing Hero - Healing Hero wants to successfully treat as many military personnel as possible who are suffering with symptoms of what is currently called PTSD.

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  • Mayer M. - One of the best reads of 2016

    Delightful, intelligent, and wholly addictive. If you like literary fiction with a dollop of suspense, look no further. For fans of Zoe Heller and Muriel Spark.

  • caribear - Helps with mommy brain

    Prime Mind Brain Health Formula by Natrogix arrived on time and without damage to the packaging. It was sealed as expected. I took one a day for 3 days, then went to 2 a day. I take them in the morning as soon as I wake up. It take me a bit to get downstairs and make breakfast. So I estimate that I do eat about the recommended 30 minutes after taking them. I have noticed a slight improvement in my "mommy brain" with Brain Supplement. I do like that it has many additional vitamins as well. It is a great supplement for me.

  • Buz Ozburn - A fun entertaining afternoon's read

    This is a fun read... very enjoyable romp with heavy Roman Legion and Sword & Sorcery themes, blending into a nice entertaining afternoon's read. It often seems predictable till you get to that very nice twist at the end.

  • kswen - Only Probiotic that worked for me

    This is the only "women's" probiotic that actually worked for me. I kept getting BV and nothing was helping as a long term solution. I tried VitaminCode, Femdopholis, and MegaFoods but none of them worked as well as this one.

  • walter - Sneads Ferry NC

    I've been using Natures Bounty for quite awhile and decided to make a change because there was no visible difference. The Liver Support and Detox appear to be working much better already and I can actually feel the difference after only a short while. I was shocked since most supplements have no physical effects that you can actually feel. Along with the e-book on liver functions, proper eating and detox information have made this a great investment.

  • Lani702 - Worth getting over the basic pink box and Results are FAST!!

    I've been faithfully using viviscal for about a year, but before that it was on and off for about 4 years. I used the pink version which took forever to see a difference, than I found out about this professional option and have been using this for the past 2 months and LOVE IT!!.. I highlight my hair changing colors every 6 months out of boredom and when I showered I had a Ton of hair fall out, but since using Especially this version oh my god, I only have 15 hairs come out and I've been counting. My hair is a bit more thicker, and my baby hairs are growing longer and thicker in the front of my scalp. My hair has grown more and over all this is a FANTASTIC product!! I will be using this until there is another product in the future that does more, but as for now, this as good as it comes!

  • Weenus Fuzzz - Good stuff

    Was supposed to get my physical copy today but received my digital code instead and I'm loving the game! Brings back great memories! Can't wait to play the remastered editions! Never have gotten to play the 3rd one or judgement so looking forward to that as well!