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Hartley Taylor - Hartley Taylor medical communications specialise in healthcare conference organisation & event management, courses for healthcare professionals supporting professional development & the annual management of 6 medical societies.

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  • Jill M - Not a keeper

    Forced to purchase this book for a class. It was packed with great info and easy to read. I thought I'd hang on to it, but I resold it. Served the purpose.

  • Bruce - I rate this horrible software a "zero"

    I recently purchased Roxio Creator 2011. I read the reviews and the negative reviews were written months ago. I thought that Roxio would improve their product. They released a service pack in September, 2010. Warning! This software is the WORST software I have EVER purchased. I have used PCs and associated software for thirty years. I started with Adaptec Eascy CD v 3.5 and have bought several versions. This version, 2011, is the WORST that they have produced. I have purchased over 100 different commercial programs.

  • Mary Ann Conn - You Can't use it - the bottle doesn't squirt the contents

    It doesn't work. It came without me being able to use it. It doesn't squirt out the contents. The bottle is quite a disappointment

  • Clayton M - SmartDraw is a Smart Choice

    I used Visio for years (several years ago) but migrated to web-based diagramming solutions like Gliffy, Diagramly, Flowchart, Bubbl, and Mindomo for all of my diagramming needs. When I found myself missing Visio, I decided to see what alternatives I could find before making the $500+ investment. (I'd need at least the Professional, if not the Premium version.)

  • Michael Anthony Vitureira - US Army Marathon Runner

    I've taken Hydroycut Hardcore since 2009. This product helped me lose 40 pounds my first 6 months. I took one pill a day after my military service. As you know, the US military runs a lot more than civilians (some civilians- you go you hardcore running civilians!), and this product bumped me up from running 3-4 miles, to running marathons of about 12-14k every day of those 6 months. The immense amount of energy you gain actually made me laugh while I was running (laugh because I couldn't believe how well it actually worked). When you get off of this product, you gain weight (but only because of your will own will-power). The simple reason is your appetite jumps up because of the lack of stimulant (which suppresses your appetite while taking it, which is normal). I take this product on and off every 6 months, during the warm months of the year. It took me from 27% body fat, to a nice set of abs (at least what I consider decent abs - picture included here). This will definitely help you lose weight, even if you do not work out while taking it. Please follow the instructions of 1 pill every day for at least 4-5 days at the beginning (which is a few more days than what is said on the bottle - if you are used to thermogenics, take as necessary), and then 2 pills a day, and up to 4 once you address your tolerance level. I left this review because I just ordered another bottle on 6/20/2016, and felt compelled to tell inform you of an honest review from someone that can actually give a review of someone that has pushed themselves to a plateau on a professional level, and how this product WILL help you. Enjoy!

  • Domo - Kept ice cold for more than 12 hrs for me ...

    Kept ice cold for more than 12 hrs for me. Haven't use it for any hot drinks yet, however expecting same performance.

  • Hazz Design - Beautiful Design but Baby Hates It

    This claims to have a tree swing motion, but not one of the motions is swing-like. In fact all of them are basically the same. This is too expensive to risk that your baby won't like it. Plus the mobile doesn't even move at all. It is supposed to shake but the motion even on the fastest setting is too slow to get it to shake visibly. Another issue is that it is incredibly heavy, so if you thought it would replace a bouncy seat, it can't. You will have to set it up and leave it. Wish it was better. I really wanted to like it. The materials and design are really well done. It just falls short functionally.