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  • ElioraImmanuel - My Favorite Bum Cream

    I began using this in 1989 when working in a nursing home. By the time I had my 1st baby I was able to find it in the store. This large jar lasts until my baby is out of diapers. However, I do use cloth so, rashes only occur w/a stomach bug or when we're vacationing and using disposables. If using w/cloth, make sure to use a liner.

  • Rebecca - TotalTransformationThankfulness!

    Until working through this program, I blamed Obnoxious behavior of children directly on the parents. This meant when it started happening in extremes with my son and I, that I internalized all his behavior as my fault OR blamed my ex-husband. James helped me grow out of this excuse driven mentality and see things MUCH clearer. This program and my being totally honest with its workbook and techniques, helped me stop the cycle of ineffectiveness. The massive changes in my approach through these techniques are making a tremendous difference. These differences are with both my 15 year old, and me. Some occurred immediately upon use of a technique (like "there is no excuse for abuse, and setting the situation up for next time) and some others are occurring more slowly (replacement behavior and strategic coaching). My son and I are able to coexist again and are building a much healthier parent/child relationship as a result of the Total Transformation. Although, we are still conquering various attitudes/obstacles in behavior, With consistent use of this material I look forward to his remaining three years before entering adulthood and KNOW he'll be better prepared as a result of my embracing James' parenting techniques.

  • jennay - Highly recommended

    Killed everything! I had a bad flea infestation. Upon applying the product the fleas got more aggressive and the activity slowly declined. Upon 7 - 9 days flea activity was non existent. While conventional pesticides where toxic they would only reduce flea activity for a few weeks at best. This product has continued to work for months and months. This is a great product I highly recommend.

  • srb63dive - GPS Device not compatable with 64 bit systems

    After wasting hours, loading and reloading the device driver I went to Microsoft Help where there are many posts from other people with 64 bit operating systems with the same problem. If Microsoft is not going to fix a well known problem, the least they should do is mention it will only work with 32bit OS in the system requirements.

  • Joseph E. Repasky - Works for what I need

    I can only speak for two things, which were what I wanted. I had tried samples first, so I knew what I was getting:

  • Kathleen A. Worthan - Love my new tumbler

    Love my new tumbler. I can finally have a nice cup of hot coffee without it getting cold before I'm finished drinking it.