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  • Amazon Customer - Great product

    Smells great and makes my skin feel really soft. Don't know if it works on stretch marks because I've been using it proactively but so far I haven't gotten any.

  • TDD Reader - Pure Greatness

    Ms. Douglas has managed to write a story that not only captures the heart, but really makes one think. It's a story about a boy and a girl who were both pen pals and best friends. I loved the growth they went through, especially Ryen. The book had tons of angst, smiles, laughs, and worries. This book was a perfect example of why Penelope Douglas will always be an auto buy for me.

  • rockinrobin - Watery and dissipated very quickly.

    I wanted to contact the seller about this review, and to be fair, I did not because I couldn't find a "Contact the seller link" after spending about 5 minutes clicking around. The frankincense I received seems like water, not oil, and when I put it on, the fragrance dissipated in a couple minutes. I've used lots of other essential oils and the scent always lasts for a long time with the higher quality ones. I see that there are hundreds of good reviews for this product, which is why I ordered it - so I don't know what to think. Did I get an off-bottle? Or maybe it is supposed to be super watery and practically scentless as soon as you use it? As far as therapeutic value, I didn't see any of that either. Plus it came from outside the USA so it makes me suspicious that maybe the quality control standards are not what we're used to in the USA. The seller can feel free to reply to this, and again, I'm sorry I didn't contact the seller directly, I did try to find contact info and couldn't.

  • Whitney - Highly Recommend!

    I've been using Lyft energy sticks for a few days now and so far am pretty satisfied with this product. The Lyft sticks are quick and easy to use. They give me the extra lift that I need when I start to drag in the early afternoon. It works in any beverage. It doesn't leave me jittery feeling though which is great. The taste isn't bad, just be sure to stir it in really well. It kicks in within about 15-20 minutes. It is convenient to transport which is nice. I received this product for free or at a discounted price in exchange for my honest, unbiased review.

  • Penn Gwynn - A reliable necessity for wine lovers

    I've gone through or tried several vacuum units in the past decade. One, a one-piece unit, worked well but eventually gave up the ghost after many years when the rubber gasket that provides the seal with the bottle shredded - just from a lot of wear; unfortunately this unit was no longer to be found when I finally needed to replace it. Another one piece unit purchased recently through Amazon performed poorly, not making or holding a good seal. I also tried a two piece unit similar to the Vacu Vin, except it also never established a meaningful seal and was a total waste of money. The Vacu Vin, in contrast, is great great great. I've been using it for months now and I am very happy with it; it's consistent in providing a vacuum that lasts at least 2-3 days giving a satisfying resistance and a little pop when I pull the plug. The audible cue for when a vacuum has been achieved is a nice feature, although I must say I found that if I keep going a bit beyond the point where the cue kicks in I seem to establish a better, longer lasting seal, compared to if I stop pumping as soon as the cue kicks in.

  • Curt M. - DO NOT BUY.

    It only works if you use "Inductive cookware" that means no copper ,aluminum or any other non ferrous metal,they fail to tell you that in all of the commercials just certain ones. When I went back to return units they made me pay shipping and I lost the $59.90 shipping and handling charge. You can by their cookware for more money ,but no thanks. RIP OFF !!!!!!!