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  • American Honey - I've never had nails until trying this

    I've always had veryyy short, brittle nails (I get it from my momma) and we're always trying new products to make our nails grow stronger to get some length. I tried taking plain biotin in high doses and it didn't do the trick. I just happened to pick up a bottle of this stuff at walgreens not thinking it would do much and it did! I have finally found the key to long healthy nails and this is it!! Yall don't understand how thrilled I am! I don't even have to take it every single day. I took two capsules every other day or so and all the sudden my nails grew like weeds without BREAKING!! I actually have tips that look like a french manicure:) I am trying all sorts of nail designs because I've never ever been able to do it. Bring on zebra print and polka dots, haha. My hair is naturally pretty thick, so I can't tell if it's changed a lot hair-wise, but I bought it solely for my nails.

  • Kerry J Matsumoto - superbook

    I really enjoy reading this story to my two year old son as he requests it eveynight for storytime. When is the mom version coming out? Thanks for the love you put in this story!

  • John W. Snyder - Its a Microsoft Product

    Office 2013 really feels like it should have been a service pack to 2010. I also don't like the new install options, or lack there of. So far, I am not a believe in subscription based software and that is exactly the direction microsoft is headed in.