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  • Bob Whitley - Go With Norton And Never Look Back

    This product has caused me more frustration than any other i have used in quite a while.Shortly after installing this my computer slowed down...a lot.I am not running this on some slow computer but rather one with the following specs

  • Amazon Customer - Product refused to stick and was a waste of money

    I've repeatedly washed my nose and let it dry in hopes that the strips would stick, but my they kept coming off from my nose. I already tossed 6 of them since the adhesive was no longer usable after each attempt. Even if I manage to get the strip stuck on my nose, I can already start to feel it peeling off by itself.

  • Mrs.C - Breaks

    Broke with in 2 weeks of using, the inside strip fell off, so was unusable, even though wiped off gel after each use, the inside behind the strip rusted, which I found out when the strip fell off. Save your money, buy a better model.

  • RunnerBee - UPDATED: Measure your child before buying this seat - and other pros and cons

    I will start by saying that I love Maxi-Cosi. We've had our 22-month old in the Maxi-Cosi infant seat since birth. So I purchased this new Pria 70 with full expectations that it would be perfect, and I loved the color combination. Update: I initially posted this review to say we were returning the seat because the space between the headwings was too tight. And I didn't want to return the seat, because I've been (mostly) pleased with my Maxi-Cosi Prezi infant seat. But I was worried that my son wouldn't be comfortable in the slim space between the headwings (the pillows to the left and the right of the head). They are longer than most seats (7.25 inches compared to 6.5 on my Prezi and 5.25 on our Britax Marathon in the other car). There is also less space in between (6 inches compared to 6.25 inches in my Prezi and a full 9 inches in our Britax). I called Maxi-Cosi customer support. These head wings are designed to keep your child's head from moving during a serious accident. They are safe and are not supposed to have a lot of room in between for this reason. They also mentioned that we should make sure our son was properly seated in the seat, back and bottom all the way up against the seat for added comfort. So I gave it one more try. Installed the car seat, put my son in, and made the adjustments. The first time he was in this seat, he fell asleep. An added benefit is that with the tight head wings, his head does not fall sideways or slump forward as it used to. He has room to turn sideways. I was worried that he would not be able to see out of the car window, but I have found that is not the case at all. He seems perfectly comfortable in the seat - so it was important for me to post this update because I know I am not the only one who struggles with finding the right car seat.