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Guenthner Physical Therapy Cincinnati provider of outpatient rehabilitation services - Guenthner Physical Therapy is a Cincinnati provider of outpatient rehabilitation services. There are two clinics located on the west side of Cincinnati in White Oak and Bridgetown. In 2001, Cathy Guenthner established Go Kentucky Rehab, LLC to provide therapy services in the Northern Kentucky region.

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  • Neil N - Antivirus or are the virus?

    So the software wasn't able to detect all the viruses and had to be supplemented and found it significantly slowed my system. Their spam machine that solicits more of your money on their products seems to work well though - they're quite good at refilling an empty inbox.

  • SupaMom - Too expensive, but it really IS that good.

    A great product, especially as an all in one. Shampoo, then condition, then put in some of this magic and go on your merry way. Leaves my hair smooth, soft, smelling great, and the texture is just unbelievable. The only reason I'm not giving this five stars is the price. Just too much for a small bottle of goo, but I will be back for more. Was eye-ing another product to try and compare to this, but the other one is no longer available, so I guess that makes me a happy, captive audience.

  • CarolB - A light read with an important message

    The Twelve Days of Christmas is a light read with an important message about the power of kindness to transform. Julie Padden is an upbeat person who loves the holidays; her neighbor Cain Maddox is an unfriendly Grinch. When she chooses to 'kill him with kindness' and makes the questionable decision to blog about her actions in an effort to get a new job, the results are far from what she expected and the impact is on her as much as him. I enjoyed the compact nature of the plot and the structure of the book - twelve chapters, one for each of the Twelve Days of Christmas. The conclusion was predictable, but not trite. I recommend this book to anyone looking for an uplifting read with a valuable message.

  • Pyra Destini - Wonderful lash product

    My daughter and I really like using this Castor oil. It feels great to be doing something for my lashes which help them to grow and be strong instead of mascara which probably just makes them more weak.

  • N & J - he is still a little young to fully enjoy it, but I'd say another month and he'll ...

    This mat is so cute. I got it for my three month old... he is still a little young to fully enjoy it, but I'd say another month and he'll appreciate it more. I love how there are ocean critters that float around inside it when you fill it with water. The creatures aren't detailed in the way of color, each is a single, solid color (which is probably a good thing for a baby so they aren't overstimulated) but they have faces and such... you can tell what they are supposed to be. It's a really cute toy that your little one can have fun smacking and pushing on and you don't really have to worry about them getting hurt by it, unless they start chewing it or something... you don't want that.

  • Bill Gossett - Brute Force Research Creates No Insight

    Collins uses a brute force data-sifting method with a team of 21 full time assistants. But since he doesn't actually conduct any statistical analysis to determine if his observations are real instead of chance or perception, he has generated something that seems filled with classic analysis errors. Anyone who wants to read this book would be better served by reading any or all of the following:

  • Maria J. Mata - skinny quick!

    I love this product, as soon as I got it in the mail I took them I also conbined it with another dieting pill which worked just great, just in time to lose those pounds for this special occasion! I lost the weight I needed with not much exercise but a strict diet, no cheese, no bread, etc. alot alot of water I was very pleased and the results were fast for me, from 150 to 130 in less than 1month. M&M