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Advanced Treatments, Myofascial Release and​Massage Therapy based in Anchorage, Alaska andSteamboat Springs, Colorado. - Nicole Keane, MS LMT - massage therapy for sports spinal injuries deep tissue myofascial release trigger point therapy prenatal massage visceral manipulation, anchorage, alaska, steamboat springs, colorado

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  • Martha - Disappointed this season

    I have loved Shameless since it came on Showtime--thought it was hilarious most of the time. But this season, it is just so completely vulgar that I can barely watch it. I'm wondering if they got new writers or something. All the actors are great, but this season is not good to me.

  • Amanda - www.annandaamanda.myitworks.com ITWORKS

    WAYYY overpriced on amazon and could even be expired ! To ensure the highest quality be sure to buy from an itworks distributor where you are gaureenteed good products , I get mine for www.annandaamanda.myitworks.com ! You get a discount for becoming a loyal costomer and earn perk points ! Or you can simply buy one. If you have any questions you can ask them at the listed website !

  • Lars A. Selen - Microsoft still as arrogant as ever.

    I beta tested Office 2010 for 60 days. As a registered tester, I had expected to get some little warning that the testing period was about to expire. Not so! One Sunday afternoon, all of a sudden, I was SOL, with no email or much of anything else for that matter. After realizing what had happened, I turned to buy the now released version. Close to $500! No upgrade pricing! Forget it! I am back to Office 2007 and shall stay there for as long as I can.

  • Kathleen E. Leavitt - Terrible Hardware, and Software

    When i opened up this product it looked really nice and was looking forward to digitizing lots of my loose papers...upon beginning scanning though, i noticed small white lines appearing on the documents, and the software would TAKE FOREVER in an attempt to analyze and convert the documents to PDF...My HP scanner does this almost instantaneously. What was the worst part about this is the software... They say it was written for Mac OS X but the software not only crashes all the time, but causes the ENTIRE computer to freeze up too...Many many paper jams, poor layout and organization for filing "documents" and the BIG ONE.... many of the texts on my documents are dark grey and light grey- which this scanner and software simply and completely CUT OUT and make disappear...totally useless..... My HP all in one printer/scanner provides far better quality with gray scale, color, and B/W, is 10x faster in software, and the file sizes are significantly smaller while producing a crisper image... DO NOT BUY, YOU WILL SEND IT BACK AND BE SORRY FOR ALL YOUR WASTED TIME!!! (I don't know if the windows PC edition is much better, but my experience with this product on a brand new iMac was Frustrating beyond all belief....

  • xBryMilx - Expecting too much??

    Maybe I was expecting too much. So far my experience with Invisible glass has been no different than any other major brand glass cleaner. So, if you think the price is good, go ahead and try it. Otherwise, from my experience, another major brand works just as well.

  • Alex - I personally didn't like the product

    I personally didn't like the product, in particular the amount of pills I had to take each and every day. I would rather try to maintain a healthy diet and eat more real fruits and veggies instead. I didn't notice any difference in my health during the 4 months I was taking it.