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  • Ira Adelman - Great product

    I have found the product to be excellent on my face and hands for eliminating dry skin. I am on chemotherapy and my hands and face had been extremely dry but the Argan oil solved the problem and moisturized my skin. I had purchased the Savannh's Argon Oil but found it too runny compared to the Acure Organics product.

  • Amazon Customer - Not as good as a Panasonic foil shaver ... but pretty good if you want to save money over time ...

    There seems to be some confusion out there about "foil" shavers, and whether this Norelco is better than a "foil shaver" or not. Hopefully I can clear that up with the comments that follow.

  • Debbie - ... about a week now and initially I was fairly happy with it

    I've had my X1 for about a week now and initially I was fairly happy with it. The interface was clunky but manageable. The lack of a program or app to manage your music (like itunes) is frustrating. I've also not been able to pair my X1 to my bluetooth headphones, nor has Fiio support returned any of my emails.

  • gregoryg - Great stuff

    The only disappointment was that I lost the driver and absolutely NO WHERE online can you get another driver for it. Great product on the first PC I used otherwise. But be sure to keep the CD!!

  • Amazon Customer - This is a super simple and effective meat grinder

    This is a super simple and effective meat grinder. Its not too big, so it fits on the countertop without taking too much space. You place your desired meat and use the hand crank to grind the meat, simple as that!! We used turkey meat to make turkey burgers and it came out great!!

  • Walter Idol - Works great for the stations I tested and is a significant ...

    Works great for the stations I tested and is a significant improvement over the oem antenna in terms of being able to drive through a carwash. That being said, I live in the city so I would expect signal to be stronger. Moreover, radio is not my first choice in audio, so I was mainly looking for a functional replacement that wasn't so large.

  • EconomyPreferred - It's all about the (lack of) bass

    UPDATE: The service folks from Sunvalleytek followed up after I was happy with the TT-BH09s and asked me to either change the rating on this review or remove it altogether. Not willing to do either. So I removed my review for their TT-BH09s and requested a packaging slip to return the TT-BH09s.