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  • Vicky Toshach - Battery Life Is Bad

    I love the thought of this but I had to give it up. iHealth was very nice and sent me a new one when I told them my battery keeps dying within a month or two. There is no way to recharge it. They told me that had heard of this issue and sent me a new one. But that also died within a month or two.

  • Reggan - Good Appetite Suppressant

    I have tried a few brands of Garcinia. This is by far the most effective regrading dosage size and results. It's like any other supplement it won't work miracles, but does help with a little kick of energy after you take and some appetite suppression. It doesn't give me a huge kick for my work outs like amino acids would, but it does seem to offer a steady energy. Regarding the fat burning, no results really, but varies person to person. I still take this, have been for 4 months and I like it. It's a "softer" approach vs "fatburners".

  • Shnata - Not recommended to anyone

    The price was really low so i bought it from this seller. Later on, I received e-mail saying that product is not available because it was not original copy. It was generic copy and reproduced w/out Microsoft agreement that I understood. In my option, you should be very very careful to buy from this seller,


    Awesome Product!!! I’ve been weightlifting, powerlifting, and using supplements regularly for over 30 years now, and this is definitely a solid NO product. The one thing that is falling short in this product is the Natural Strength Booster prop blend of 100mg, this should be at least 750mg-1000mg to be effective, but the NO part is very solid. I’m starting to notice more and more that there are a lot of really solid companies out there that don’t get mentioned as much because they don’t have a bunch of reps on forums pushing their products daily, or they don’t advertise their products with all of these flashy ads that you see, but yet in many ways their products are better than the rest, and that’s exactly the case with NitroCut!!!! One of the best things is it has a 60 day Money Back Guaranteee!!!!!!!!

  • Stephanie - So Much Fun!

    I purchased four of these, for my husband and our teenagers, and they played with these for over an hour Christmas morning. They had so much fun playing with these. We really were impressed with how well they shoot.

  • Alanna - Amazing

    I was skeptical at fist , since my car in a 2000 ford focus. But I was desperate. It works FANTASTICALLY! Best purchase I've made in a long time! Thank you! I will recommend this product to friends. Also has a USB Jack to chart your phone. Charges pretty fast

  • Thomas NYC - Good, but missing some basics.

    Good, but missing some basic stuff. My biggest complaint: there are a dozen invoice templates, but no easy way to create the most basic invoice showing past balances, payments and current balances due. So you can invoice a new item, but your customer will just get that invoice and has no idea whether she owes anything for past invoices. Pretty basic? Yes. Included in QuickBooks 2014? No. (There's a rather complicated option to customize the invoices, but it looks horrible and this should be included in standard stuff).