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  • Simplylovepink - Shocked that's this works!!

    Started this on Monday and started my period 5 days later. I saw spotting on day 3, taking pregnitude Morning and Night as directed. I have PCOS and have never had a regular period. I have always needed to take something to start! There have been times when even medicine did not induce a period for me. So I'm insanely impressed because I was skeptical because nothing has ever really worked for me! Obviously I haven't been taking it long enough to comment on pregnancy. I am on glumetza 1500-2000 mg daily so that is probably helping but glumetza alone has never regulated me. My first pregnancy ended in a miscarriage due to the pcos we're assuming. Even with 6 rounds of clomid I only ovulated once with the trigger shot and nothing. Hopefully this continues to work because week one it's done what nothing else could before!!! Will give it 5 if I ovulate and end up pregnant!! You can barely taste anything and when you do it's a sweet powder something similar to a light sugar substitute packet. I can lick the packet if I needed to lol so it's not gross at all. I drink it in a water bottle twice a day so it also helps with my water intake.

  • J. Russell - No support

    After I sent them a letter asking for some help just once with the Nero software I bought with my hard-earned money in 2015, Nero sent me a letter from Germany stating that they did not offer any phone or online technical support for their product. If you are a person who may need support with complex software, do not buy this product. Sure, their agents always give them top ratings--and each and every edition is supposed to be the new and super upgrade--but that's just a sales pitch disguised as a review. Any product of any type you can buy is no better than the company that makes and sells it, so "no support" is exactly the same as "bad product" and "bad company." If enough people don't buy Nero, the company will step up to the plate and stand behind their products and help customers with real live help. Help yourself and help the rest of us by not buying Nero until they have the technical support that respects the customers' money that goes to pay their company bills and to support them and their families. Thank you.