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  • NICOLA G. - This is my go to hair brand. When I ...

    This is my go to hair brand. When I take these consistently my hair was growing about 1-2 inches per month. I just bought a 6 month supply for me and my daughters.

  • Samir Abi Farah - the best Air Max ever

    The color is better then picture. and the feel is super. I have always used Air Maxs for the gym but this one is superior

  • T. Stone - Great product for defining curls

    I use this product after applying the KC Knot Today on freshly washed hair. I am African American with a mix of 4a and 3c hair with 30-40% shrinkage. I have found very few products that work well with the KC line (not making white flakes). One of my favorites to add extra moisture is Bee Mine Curly Butter. I apply the Bee Mine product liberally after the Knot Today, followed by the KC Curling Custard. This gives me well-moisturized, defined curls without sacrificing volume. When I apply only Knot Today & Curling Custard on soaking wet hair, I get excessive clumping of my curls that reduces the volume. It just depends on the look I desire. I put my hair in one braid and cover with a satin scarf at night. (My curly hair hangs to my shoulders.) For 2nd, 3rd, and 4th day hair I just wet (liberally) each morning, working the existing product through my hair to eliminate frizz. I apply extra Curly Custard and Curly Butter as needed.

  • Square kNot - just like the others

    Thank you for reading my review for Crystala Frigidaire WF3CB Puresource 3 Replacement Filter by Crystala Filters. I received the item in a timely manner. It was no problem to put in, just like the others. And as long as you follow the directions, you'll get some fresh clean filtered water running in a few minutes. If you've never replaced yours before, you just need to make sure you've pushed the filter in far enough that it clicks. Then you have to run the water for a few minutes to both get air out of the line, as well as let any charcoal residue from the filter through. The taste was off a bit this was most likely due to it being warm as an hour later when it was cold tastes just as good as with the original filter.

  • Christina - Perfect for college student

    I just got this messenger bag in a size medium and am absolutely obsessed with it. I wanted a new bag for school and since my university involves walking around the city and taking the subway, I needed something that could carry a lot of stuff but still looks cool and allows me access my things easily on-the-go.

  • Paul M. Kankula - Cheap price

    I did 2 installs and they went quickly without any problems. I was using Kaspersky Anti-Virus and switched to McAfee because I found it too complicated to understand. McAfee found 3 bugs that Kaspersky didn't...