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Grandview Medical Centre - Family Health Team - A Family Health Team brings different health care providers together to coordinate the best possible care for you – the patient.

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  • Tellmeasecret - Tellmeasecret's Review

    This book is like a bible to me. I just downloaded the kindle version so I can keep it with me everywhere I go. As a writer I learned early on how important this book was. Spell check can only do so much. I misspell words all the time and this book lists common words I misspell. Also, unlike spell check this book helps you figure out what word to use. For example I typed weather when I meant whether, spell check wouldn't have helped me with that because it only catches misspelled words. This book also helped me with my punctuation and your sentence structure. Before you submit your final draft of your manuscript or opinion editorial to your editor, if you dont want to be embarrassed like I was or get hundreds of track changes back, I soooooooo suggest this book. I need this in my life.

  • Amazon Customer - The taste of this makes it not something I could ...

    The taste of this makes it not something I could give to my baby. Still sitting unused in cupboard. (I had to open it to figure that out so....)

  • Chuck Maru - Great light-medium weight multipurpose lube

    It's not a penetrating lube like WD. It's a little thicker and probably longer lasting. It's less thick than most oils (and all greases). Goes on clean. Really slick. So it's in kind of a sweet spot for lubing things you can access, like sliding glass door tracks.

  • Amazon Customer - Don't believe the hype

    I'm truly surprised that there are so many 5 star reviews for this mattress. My overall experience working with Casper has been great, their customer service is off the charts! However the mattress is average at best! It's quite firm and it feels cheap. It reminds me of a slightly better version of the mattress that was waiting in my dorm room for me freshman year of college. They advertise this as a memory foam mattress but I weigh almost 200 lbs and it feels like I'm sleeping on a regular foam mat at night. It doesn't contour to my body even a little bit.

  • Tabitha - Best

    I love this so much I now have two. I saw this a while back and being a professional dog groomer I definitely keep a watch out for things like this. It is absolutely one of the best designs I have seen. It does catch the hair even short dog hairs. I have 5 dogs of my own at home and the drain in the tub was really being over worked. It was only a matter of time before we got a back up. I got this and now I have no worries. After we are done bathing we simply spray all the excess hair off the shower walls and into the drain and it all gets caught up in this. It is also really easy to just pop this out grab a tissue and pull off all the unwanted hair.