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  • mark - No two the same

    Placed both together with fresh batteries from the same package. Both had different readings on humidity, both temperature readings were the same and accurate. Reversed batteries from one unit to the other and same result, readings were 6% different (ie 31% vs 37%). Left next to each other over night and same result the next day. Would not bother to purchase unless you bought 10 units and selected the best ones, even that should be verified by another accurate source. A hugh waste of time and energy, Only UPS made out on this purchase.

  • Jheneya - Worth the investment

    We bought this generator over a year ago and finally had the misfortune to have to use it last night due to a power outage in our neighborhood. We dusted it off, filled it with gas, and started it up and I'm happy to say it worked perfectly! We were able to run our refrigerator, one air conditioner, a large lamp, and charge our phones without any problems. It lasted until the power came on, which was about 6 hours and it still had about 25% gas left in the tank. It is quite loud, but it wasn't any louder than the other generators that were also on in our neighborhood. I'm just grateful we had some light and comfort and didn't have to worry about our food spoiling. Things were almost "normal" during the outage. This was a worthy investment.

  • Surface Pro Owner - Great Pocket PC

    What I needed this for what strictly to stream my Xbox One from the living room to my bedroom. I was worried this little pocket pc wouldn't be sufficient enough but let me tell you. With a wireless USB keyboard and Xbox one controller this is exactly what I needed. So easy to setup and by plugging it into a USB hub for an Ethernet connection, makes it absolutely fast.

  • EVAN N. - But these headphones are the best thing I have ever found

    I have severe hearing loss and I have bought alot of different headsets. I have hearing aids but I don't find them helpful on phone calls. But these headphones are the best thing I have ever found. However I had to move them over my ears and its sound is fantastic. They are very comfortable, on ear is far better than buds.

  • Amazon Customer - Best headphones!

    The first pair we bought was a malfunctioning unit, I contacted customer service and they IMMEDIATELY sent me a new pair. I got them today and I have to say that these are probably one of the BEST headphones I have ever used. The bass, the noise cancelling capabilities, and the comfort of the buds themselves, all of it is top notch. They stay in place well (I'm a runner), they're comfortable not only the buds but the flexible loops that go around your earS too.